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James Wiltse

  Wilsey, Willsey, Wiltse, Wiltsie, Wiltsee  

James Wiltse was born on March 10,  1764 in Dutchess County, New York. He was the son of Jeremiah Wiltse.

He married Jane Lake. 

Henry Wiltse (married Elizabeth Slack)
Samuel Wiltse (married Roxana Bocker),
Leonard Wiltse (married Hannah Herrington).
Cornelius Wiltse (married Susan Sixbee),
Truman Wiltse (married Elenor Smyth),
William Wiltse (married Margaret Slack),
Mary Wiltse (1795),
Sarah Wiltse (married Joseph Bingham),
Nancy Wiltse (married David Derbyshire),
Elizabeth Wiltse (married Ezrie Hays), and
Pamelia Wiltse (married Abner Case). 

He was a captain in Jessup's Rangers and moved to Leeds County, Canada in 1784 with the discharged Loyalist soldiers of St. Johns.

In 1802 they settled in Wiltsetown (became Farmersville and then Athens), Ontarioin Yonge Township.

... James Wiltse, brother of Captain Benoni Wiltse, who, with William Parish, located the first land and built the first log cabins in Yonge and Escott Rear ... (from History of Leeds and Grenville, Ontario

John was assessed in Yonge Township in 1805.

During the War of 1812, Henry and Leonard were in the Second Leeds Militia.




from A Genealogical and Psychological Memoir of Philippe Maton Wiltsee and his Descendants

James Wiltsee, son of Jeremiah Wiltsee, son of Cornelius Wiltsee, son of Marten Wiltsee, son of Hendrick Martensen Wiltsee, born March 10,  1764, m. Jane Lake. 

James Wiltse went to Leeds County, Canada, in company with the discharged Loyalist soldiers of St. Johns, in 1784. In 1793, he returned to Hopewell, Dutchess Co., about the time of his father's death, and later he returned  tot Canada accompanied by his brother Jeremiah, and his half-brother John Wiltse's family, and other relatives who settled Wiltse Town in Yonge Township,  in 1802.

Having been Captain in Jessup's Corps of Loyalists, he and his family were granted land as follows...

Henry, m. Elizabeth Slack;
Samuel, m. Roxana Bocker;
Leonard, m. Hannah  Herrington;
Cornelius, m. Susan Sixbee;
Truman, m. Elenor Smyth, December  19, 1820.
William, m. Margaret Slack; they had a son Fafayette;
Mary, m.  John W. Wiltse, Jr., 2d Capt. Joseph Wiltse;
Sarah, m. Joseph Bingham;
Nancy,  m. David Derbyshire;
Elizabeth, m. Ezrie Hays
Pamelia, m. Abner Case. 

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