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Lebbeus Wickwire


Wickware also spelled Wickwire, Wickwise
was a river god in Greek mythology.
Lebbeus (Laboris, Lebeus, Lebius, Lebeous, Libeous, Libious) is from the Bible. It means a man of heart.

New London County, Connecticut was one of four original Connecticut counties and was established on May 10, 1666, by an act of the Connecticut General Court.

Lebbeus Wickwire was born about 1745 in Lebanon, New London County, Connecticut. The church records of Goshen, Lebanon, Connecticut record that he joined the church on April 14, 1754.

His wife was named Mary.

His children probably included:
Philip Wickware (1770, married Margaret Seeley, daughter of Augustus Seeley),
Jonathan Wickware (1772),
James Wickware (1774)

He moved to Ontario, Canada about the time of the American Revolution. He may have served in the British Army.

A King's Rangers' roll taken at Fort St Johns on 10Jan82. This shows Libavous Wickwire as a ranger. The interpretation of that given name takes some imagination. It's almost as if the clerk messed it about to disguise his inability to discern the name. This roll shows no indication of Livius's rank.

He was granted land in Ontario.

1797 Elizabethtown census:

P. (male) and Mary Unas,
Unas, and
Jonathan, Jr.

In 1801 the family was in Elizabethtown.

Labroris Jr and

Lebbeus served in the 1st Leeds Militia during the War of 1812.

David Mallory bought land granted to Lebbeus Wickwire 5 Jan 1826.

United Empire Loyalists were Americans who remained loyal to King George III and the British Empire. They moved to Canada after the American Revolution.



Upper Canada Land Petitions

Wickware, Philip .. LEEDS .. 1818



Wickwire, ELIZABETH .. DUNDAS .. 1810

Wickwire, JAMES .. GRENVILLE .. 1806

Wickwire, JOHN .. GRENVILLE .. 1806

Wickwire, JONATHON .. DUNDAS .. 1816

Wickwire, JONATHON .. TALBOT ROAD .. 1830

Wickwire, LEBIOUS .. YORK .. 1799

Wickwire, LEBIUS .. DUNDAS .. 1810

Wickwire, LEBIUS .. GRENVILLE .. 1837

Wickwire, LEVIUS .. DUNDAS .. 1809

Wickwire, PHILIP .. LEEDS .. 1825

Wickwire, SAMUEL .. DUNDAS .. 1816

Wickwire, SAMUEL .. TALBOT ROAD .. 1830



from Genealogy of the Wickware Family

Lebbeus [Wickware] b. about 1748. The church records at the parish of Goshen in Lebanon, Conn., state that he joined the church or “owned the church covenant,” April 14, 1754. He married. He removed about the time of the Revolutionary War to Ontario, Canada. He was a United Empire Loyalist, and is said to have served in the British Army and to have surrendered at Yorktown. It is said that he rceived from the Crown a grant of

land near Brockville, Ontario. Following is a list of patents issued covering lands near Brockville:

Date. Grantee. Subsequent conveyances.
May 17, 1802 Jonathan Wickwire
July 4, 1817, Lebeus Wickwire sold E. to Philip Wickwire.
Jan. 5, 1826, Philip Wickwire sold E. to David Mallory.
Oct. 6, 1826, Lebeus Wickwire sold W. to Joseph Benedict .
Dec. 31, 1806 James Wickwire
Mar. 21 , 1811 , James Wickwire sold to Caroline Gates.
Dec. 31, 1806 John Wickwire
Feb. 11 , 1811 Lebeus Wickwire
Nov. 25, 1825 Philip Wickwire
Mar. 14, 1820 Lebeus Wickwire

James , b. Feb. 16,1774.

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