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Tennant Families

  also spelled Tenant  
  James Tennant  

The first European settlements in Ontario were after the American Revolution when 5,000 loyalists left the new United States.

William Tennant was born in 1794 in Scotland.

He married Ann Cain.

David Tennant (1824, married Betsy Ann Hogeboom and Mary Simmonds),
William Tennant, Jr. (1825, married Agnes Ferguson),
Thomas Tennant (1827),
George Tennant (1830, married Emaline Thompson),
Robert W.Tennant (1833),
John Tennant (1838)
James Tennant (1837),
Jane Tennant (1840)
Derrick Tennant (1842),
Christopher Tennant (1843),
Mary Jane Tennant (1840).

In 1821 William and James tenant petitioned for 100 acres each in Yonge township.

William died in 1882 in Yonge Mills, Leeds County, Ontario.



from A Record of Marriages Solemnized by William Smart

1824 March 29th.—James Tennant and Nellie Cain, both of Yonge, banns, wit. Archebald Batee, James Gibson.


The Battle of the Windmill was in November, 1838. Loyalists defeated an invasion attempt by Hunter Patriots, led by  Nils von Schoultz, who were attempting to overthrow British rule. The battle was at a windmill two miles east of Prescott.




from History of Leeds and Grenville Ontario

William Tennant, Sen., was born in Dumfriesshire, Scotland, in 1794. At the age of 20 he emigrated to New Brunswick, where he remained two years. Taking passage on a ship he arrived in Montreal, and from that city proceeded on foot to the Township of Yonge, where he located, and resides at the present time.

Shortly after his arrival he married Ann Cain, whose ancestors are among the first settlers of the Municipality; Caintown receiving its name from the family.

Mr. Tennant s family consisted of nine sons and two daughters, viz.: David, William, Jr., Thomas, George, Robert, John, James, Derrick, Christopher, Mary and Jane.

George Tennant, the fourth son of William Tennant, was born July 24, 1830, in the Township of Yonge, and commenced life as a school teacher in 1845, at the same time giving some attention to farming until 1850. After visiting the Western States, he returned to Caintown, where he taught for three years, marrying Emeline, daughter of Squire Thompson, of Escott...

David Tennant
The subject of this sketch was born September I5th, 1824, in the Township of Yonge, on the farm of which he is now owner. His first wife, Betsy Ann Hogeboom, died in 1849. He married for his second wife Mary Simmonds, by whom he has had four children. The residence of Mr. Tennant is one of the most attractive in the township, presenting a model of neatness and taste.

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