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Smith Family


Zebulon Smith

He married Lovina Clark.

Otis Smith (1783, married Eleanor Palmer),
Elijah Smith (1784, married Judah Haskins),
Susanna Smith (1787, married Nicholas Haskins),
Thomas Smith (1791),
Sarah Smith (1797, married Peter Shook),
Zebulon Smith, Jr. (1798),
Ashel Smith (1799)
Benson Smith (1800, married Ann Marie White),
Mary Smith (1802, married Samuel P. Webb),
Daniel Smith (1804, married Greta Stage)

The 1801 census of Elizabethtown, Leeds County Ontario listed Zebulon Smith with
wife Lavina, Otis, Thomas, Elijah, Sarah, Susanna, and Benson.

Zebulon was in the 1805 assessment of Yonge.


Brockville, Ontario was called Elizabethtown. The area was first settled by English speakers in 1785, when Americans who had remained loyal to the crown fled to Canada after the American Revolution.


There were two Otis Smith families in the Farmersville [now Athens] area at the same time.



Otis Smith

Wriley/Riley Smith (1810, married Mary Ann Slack d. of Samuel Slack)
Zebulon Smith (1814, married Amelia Lewis and Chloe Jane Wiltse)
Lovinia Smith (1815, married Daniel Seaman)

This Otis left the Quakers in 1847 to join the Methodists.


Otis Smith was born about 1783.

He married Eleanor Palmer. Eleanor was born on July 14, 1787 in Coxsackie, New York

Thomas Smith
Sarah Smith
Alvin Smith
Zebulon Smith
Nathan Smith
James Smith
Haviland Smith
Mary Smith (1825)
Asenath Smith (1826)

The 1828 Friends Census of Leeds lists adults Otis, Elenor, Thomas, Sarah Alvin, Zebulon, Nathan, James, Haviland, Mary, and Asenath.

The Otis Smith who married Elenor apparently left Canada around 1847-1853 to go to the Salem Monthly Meetin in Henry County, Iowa.

The Society of Friends (Quakers) began in England in the 1650s, when they broke away from the Puritans. Pennsylvania was founded by William Penn, as a safe place for Friends to live and practice their faith.


Thomas Smith

Nathan Smith
Mary Smith
Zebulon Smith
Thomas J. Smith





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