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Brockville, Ontario was called Elizabethtown. The area was first settled by English speakers in 1785, when Americans who had remained loyal to the crown fled to Canada after the American Revolution.


Edward Patterson was in the early census records of Yonge township.

During the War of 1812 Edward Patterson was in the 1st Regiment Leeds Militia from September to December, 1812.


The first European settlements in Ontario were after the American Revolution when 5,000 loyalists left the new United States.

Daniel Patterson was born about 1758 in Ireland. He married Margaret Brisban.

Their children may have included included:

William Patterson (1779, married Huldah Keeler)
Amy Patterson (1780, married Lemuel Mallory and Stephen Beach)
Cruth Patterson (1781, married Sarah Ward)
James Patterson (1783)
Rachel Patterson (married Stephen Seaman).

In 1791, Daniel signed a petition in Thurlow, Hastings County, Ontario requesting that the township be laid out in lots.

Before 1803 Daniel was granted the 10th lot of the first concession of Yonge.

Edward, William, Cruth, and James were assessed in Yonge Township in 1805.

Robert Patterson, of the Johnstown District and a private in the 1st Leeds Militia, received script to the value of 100 acres on February 22, 1851.

During the War of 1812, Robert and James deserted from the Leeds County Militia.

Thovin Patterson, of the Johnstown District was a private in the 1st Leeds Militia received script to the value of 100 acres on May 3, 1850.


William Patterson was born about 1779.

He married Huldah Keeler

Their children probably included:

Sylvanus Patterson (1804),
Rhoda Patterson (1806),
Amy Patterson (1809), and
Lyman Patterson (1811, married Orilla Carnes).

After William died, Huldah married David Mallory.

William Patterson, of the Johnstown District and a private in the 1st Leeds Militia, received script to the value of 100 acres on Oct. 11, 1830. He is listed as a deserter.




  Andrew, Daniel, James, Lyman and William were in Yonge Township in the 1840s.  



Indictment Riot & Assault

The King vs

Danl Patterson
Caruth Patterson
Jacob Elliott (son of John Elliott)

A Jury called and sworn as follows

1. Harvy
2. Robert Miller
3. James Halsted
4. James Howard
5. John Trickey
6. Charles Trickey
7. William Lansdown
8. Benjamin Landon
9. Lovel Beach
10. Erastus Landon
11. John Landon
12. Danl L. Baldwin

The Jury find the Defendants Guilty of An Assault and Battery only.
The Court Sentence Jacob Elliott to pay a fine of five pounds one shilling & eight pence.
Daniel Patterson fifteen shillings & Caruth Patterson Two [sic] pounds one shilling & eight
Jacob Elliott} Paid thier fine to the Sheriff in Court
Caruth Patterson
Danl Patterson Paid to the sheriff.

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