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The Society of Friends (Quakers) began in England in the 1650s, when they broke away from the Puritans. Pennsylvania was founded by William Penn, as a safe place for Friends to live and practice their faith.

Abraham Palmer was born about 1723 in Fairfield, Greenwich County, Connecticut. His parents were William Palmer and Rachel Fowler. They were Quakers.

When he was a baby, his family moved to Nine Partners, Dutchess County, New York.

He married Abigail Buell. Abigail was born on February 23, 1734.

Solomon Palmer (1746),
Abraham Palmer, Jr. (1748),
Ebenezer Palmer (1750, married Elizabeth Bowerman),
Noah Palmer (1756, married Tirzah Whitney),
Abigail Palmer (1758),
Rachel Palmer (1760),
Jacob Palmer (1760),
Isaac Palmer (1763, married Johanna Mott),
Darius Palmer (1764, married Elizabeth Davis),
Stephen Palmer,
David Palmer,

Abraham and his family moved to Cosackie, Albany County, New York.

Abraham died on May 25, 1775 in Nine Partners.

Abraham, Noah, Jacob, Solomon, and Stephen served under Colonel Anthony Van Bergen in the 11th regiment of the New York militia in 1778.

Sons Elbenezer and Jacob probably died in the war.

Abigail died on October 17, 1797.

Ordered that Derius Palmer of Elizabethtown, Collector for the year 1803 pay a fine of forty shillings, for not doing his duty as Collector of the said Township, as the law directs.

The Clerk of the Peace is hereby ordered to issue distress warrants against the goods and Chattels .. Derius Palmer of Elizabethtown, Collector for forty shillings each, for not doing their duty as Collectors according to the law, the warrants to be made returnable at the next Sessions.


During the War of 1812, Darius and David served in the Second Leeds Militia. David deserted.

Dutchess County, New York patriots forced colonists loyal to the British government to flee north into what became Ontario.


  Jerusha Palmer (1758, married Ephraim Lee)  
  Emma Palmer (1811, married John Slack)  

Isaac Palmer was born about 1763 in Dutchess County, New York. He was the son of Abraham Palmer and Abigail Buell.

He married Johanna Mott. Johanna was born on December 9, 1765 at Nine Partners, Dutchess County, New York.

Eleanor Palmer (1787, married Otis Smith),
Mary Palmer (1789, married Jabic Bullis),
Hannah Palmer (1790, married Peter Clow),
Sophia Palmer (1792, married Jeremiah Bullis),
Ruby Palmer (1793, married James Robinson),
Abraham Palmer (1795, married Catherine Bradshaw),
Deliverance Palmer (1797)
Edmund Palmer (1799, married Ann Moore),
Armenia Palmer (1803, married Ephriam Tryon), and
Isaac Palmer (1805, married Anne Elizabeth Hodgkinson).

Ordered that the Treasurer of the District of Johnstown do pay Benjamin R. Munsil Esqr one of the Executors of the Estate of the late Isaac Palmer the sum of sixty pounds Cur[renc]y being the amount of compensation for damages done to the said Isaac Palmer's Estate as estimated by a Jury impannilled for that purpose being damages done to the estate of the said Palmer by a new road laid out [on] this his land, it being part of lot number thirty in 6th concession of Elizabethtown. (from Johnstown District/Leeds and Grenville Court of General Sessions of the Peace, 1800-1834)

  Abner Palmer and Polly Wing  

Reuben Palmer was born about 1770 in Dutchess County, New York. He was the son of Reuben Palmer.

He married Diana (Diadana ) Birdsell.

Andress Palmer (1815, married Rebecca Ann Squires)
Henry Palmer (1815)


Syrenus (Cyrenus) Palmer was born about in New York.

He married Catherine Conley.

Catherine and Syrenus's children probably included:

Chester Palmer,
Amos Palmer (1828, married Susannah Wiltse)
Lois Palmer,
Mary Palmer
Aszimus (Orsamus) Palmer (1820, married Phoebe Wiltse),
Sylvester Palmer and
Elizabeth Palmer.

Catherine died in April, 1837 in Canada.

Cyrenus died in 1862 in Ohio.


Eniel (Niel) Palmer was in the 1812 Leeds County militia.

He married Lydia Andress.





from History of Leeds and Grenville

Henry Palmer
The subject of this sketch is the son of Reuben Palmer, who was born in Vermont, and emigrated to Canada, at a very early date, settling first at Farmersville [now Athens], and afterwards removing to Plum Hollow, where he raised a family of nine children, his wife being Diadana Birdsell. He was widely known as a great chopper.

Henry Palmer is the owner of a valuable farm.--He has been thrice married. Two of his sons are residents of Pennsylvania, largely interested in the oil business.

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