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Lemuel Mallory

Leeds County, Ontario, Canada was first surveyed in 1792 in preparation for the United Empire Loyalists settlers. In 1850, Leeds County merged with Grenville to create the United Counties of Leeds and Grenville.

Lemuel Mallory was born on January 3, 1771.. He was the son of Nathaniel Mallory and Abiah Beardsley.

He married Amy Patterson. Amy Patterson was baptised on February 16, 1783 at the Dutch Reformed Church in Kinderhook, Columbia County, New York.

Amy and Lemuel's children included:

Cruth Mallory,
Vanranselear Price Mallory (1799, married Martha (Patty) Hutchinson),
Lemuel Mallory (1801),
Margaret (Peggy) Brisbin Mallory (1807, married Julius Guild),
Elizabeth Anna Mallory (1809, married Israel Guild),
Huldah Keeler Mallory (1811, married David Seaman ),
Salachy Mallory (1817, married Stephen Ducolon and Wier)
Rachel Mallory (1814, married Samuel Trusdell)
Archibald F. Mallory (1817, married Sally Monfort), and
Molly Mallory (1818, married Nathan Baxter, son of Alanson Baxter).

In May, 1790 Lemuel petitioned for land and was granted 200 acres.

To His Excellency the Governor in Council, The petition of Lemuel Mallory late of Vermont State Humbly Sheweth That your petitioner is desirous of availing himself of the bounty which His Majesty has been graciously pleased to offer to all deserving Loyalists who want to emigrate from the United States to this province and of becoming an inhabitant of the District of Lunenburg, for proof of loyalty and good character he begs to refer himself to the testimony of Enoch Mallory. Therefore prays he may be admitted as a settler in this District and your petitioner as in duty bound shall ever pray
Lemuel Mallory Matilda 3rd May 1790 Per attachment admitted with 200 acres.

In 1800 he filed a claim for the west half of lot 21 and the east half of lot 22 on the Broken Front in Yonge Township. The property had previously been granted to Ephraim Eyers.

In 1803 Lemuel filed another claim for the east half of Lot 20 front, the west half of the north end of lots 21 and 22 front, and Lot 25 in concession 2.

Lemuel was assessed in Yonge Township in 1805.

In 1820, Lemuel's son, Price, bought parts of Lot 23 and 24 in the Broken Front of Yonge from William Larue. He transferred the property to his father Lemuel and when his father died, he transferred it to his brother Archibald who had lived there

In 1832, Lemuel applied for a patent for his property.

On February 5, 1833, Lemuel Mallory and a son and a stranger from Jones Mills, Ontario attempted to cross the river near Hammond. The son and the stranger fell through the ice near Grenadier Island and drowned. Lemuel hung onto the ice and shouted for help, but finally let go and drowned too.


His son, Price, inherited the property and sold it to William Andress.

After his death, Amy married Stephen Beach on June 18, 1833.

In 1835, Price Mallory and Huldah’s husband, David Seaman, led a migration to St. Vincent. Price, on behalf of fifty families, petitioned the Governor at Montreal for a block of 10,000 acres for a settlement by UEL claimants and those eligible for unassigned Military grants for the War of 1812.

Amy died on February 10, 1849. "Emma Beach of Younge age 63 years died 10 Feb 1849 of Decline."

On February 14, 1883, Huldah Keeler Mallory Seaman died in a train accident when she was on her way to Chicago.

The first European settlements in Ontario were after the American Revolution when 5,000 loyalists left the new United States.



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