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Enoch Mallory

Connecticut's first European settlers were Dutch.

Enoch Mallory was born on July 8, 1744 in Ripton Parish, Stratford, Connecticut.

Enoch married Huldah French. Huldah was the daughter of John French.

His children included:

Elisha Mallory (1769, married Jane Grant), and
Jeremiah Mallory (1771, married Mary Polly Mallory).

Enoch Mallory and his sons, Jeremiah and Elisha, supported the British in the American Revolution and were members of Jessup's Loyal Rangers. Elisha and Jeremiah were drummers. Supposedly Enoch deserted from the American army and crossed the ice on the St Lawrence River under fire. He changed his uniform in view of the enemy.

Enoch joined General Burgoyne and was there when Burgoyne was captured at Ticonderoga, Enoch was jailed in Albany, but escaped. He was declared a traitor and his property was forfeited.

Enoch received a land grant in 1779.

They arrived in Canada about 1783. Enoch first settled in Augusta Township and later moved to the Mallorytown area of Yonge Township.

In 1784 Enoch appeared on the provisioning list for disbanded troops as a member of the Loyal Rangers. He was mustered in Augusta.

In 1800, 1805, and 1808 Enoch was in the Front of Yonge, Johnstown District.

Enoch died in October, 1831 and was buried in the Mallorytown Cemetery.


United Empire Loyalists were Americans who remained loyal to King George III and the British Empire. They moved to Canada after the American Revolution.


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