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David Mallory was born on February 26, 1783 in Addison County, Vermont.

He came to Canada in 1790 with his parents.

He married the widow Huldah Keeler Patterson on November 7, 1811. She was the daughter of Silvanus Keeler, and was William Patterson's widow.

Archibald Mallory (1811),
Ira Mallory (1812, married Mary Hughes),
Charles Mallory (1814),
Lavinia Mallory (1817, married Shubel Kelly),
Amasa Whitney Mallory (1819, married Charity Lee and Nancy Purvis),
Elizabeth Mallory (1820, married Orrin Bailey Adams, the son of Walter Adams),
Huldah Mallory (1824, married Charles Henry Wilcox),
Mercy Mallory (1826, married Henry Judd), and
Clara Mallory (1829, married Frank Lee).

Huldah died in 1849 and David died in 1867 in Yonge, Township, Leeds County, Ontario, Canada.





from Public Archives of Canada; W. J. Miller Collection MG 25, G370, Vol. 55; from the Brockville R & T on 31 Dec. 1981 "Focus on the District"

ESCOTT-The wedding of Shubel Kelly and Lavina Mallory nearly 150 years ago united two of the pioneer families of Escott and Mallorytown. 

Lavina was the granddaughter of the first Mallory in Mallorytown, Daniel, who came from Vermont with his wife in 1784...

David Mallory took as his bride Hulda Patterson, a widow, who was a Keeler. Their children were
Ira, who for many years was treasurer of Yonge Front township;
Elizabeth who wed Oran Adams;
Hulda who married Charles Wilcox;
Mercy, bride of Henry S. Judd and
Clara, who marred T. T. Lee.

Lavina Mallory was born on the Mallory homestead on March 18, 1817. Shubel Kelly was born in Escott March 27, 1804, being 13 years senior to Lavina. As a girl of 17, Lavina married Shubel and they settled in Escott.

Born to this union of the Kelly and Mallory families were 11 children, the youngest being Nathan, father of Ernest Carl Kelly, now 86 and residing in Brockville. 
First born was David Jr., on December 19, 1835, but he died in his sixth year. 
William H. was born 29 March 1836, and died at 65 on March 15, 1903. 
Amasa was born November 15, 1940 and married a girl named Hannah, and had two sons: Stephen and Malcolm. Amasa Kelly died at 72 on Dec. 7, 1912.
Priscilla was born November 30, 1842 and married Cherry White, a homesteader west of Mallorytown. In later years, Ernie Kelly was to become owner of the Cherry White farm.  Priscilla was in her 85th year, when she died May 15, 1927.
Charles M. was born July 14, 1845 and died at the age of four. 
Huldah was born Jan. 31, 1847 and lived only two years. 
John F. who married Mabel Robinson, was born June 25, 1849 and died November 12, 1906.
Ira Mallory Kelly was the eighth child and sixth son, born March 16, 1852.  He married Margaret Jane Rowsome,...

The children of the original Kelly, Shubel and Lavina Mallory Kelly were born over a 24-year span from 1835 to 1859. 

The 43 year marriage of Shubel and Lavina ended with his death on April 4, 1877, when he was 73 years of age.  Lavina died on New Year’s Eve 1899, at the age of 82.


Mallory, Mrs Uldah [sic] was the daughter of Silvanus Keeler, one of the first laborers called to the Methodist ministry of Canada. Her first husband died, leaving her with 3 little children. Subsequently, she married Mr. Mallory. She died having served God for upwards of 60 years; survived by her husband, sons and daughters. from Ontario Christian Guardian

Mallory, David was born in Vermont, Feb. 26, 1783 and came to Canada in Feb., 1790 with his parents, 8 brothers and 4 sisters, settling in Yonge Twp.

on Nov. 7, 1811 he married Mrs. Hulda Patterson, widow of William Patterson, and daughter of Rev. Silvenus Keeler.

They raised a family of 3 sons and 5 daughters.After his wife died, Oct. 28, 1849, he went to live with his son, Ira.

He died at his son's home, Yonge Twp., Oct. 29, 1867; age 84 yrs. 4 months, 3 days.

from The Christian Guardian, August 7, 1850.

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