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Keeler Families in Leeds County, Ontario


Isaiah Keeler was born about 1735.

He married Millicent Olmstead. Millicent was born about 1742.

Isaiah and Millicents children may have included:

Isaiah Keeler (1761, married Sarah Mosher),
Millicent Keeler (1765, married Jehoida Boyce),
Sylvanus Keeler (1766), and
Prudence Keeler (1769).

In 1752 Isaiah moved to Stillwater, Saratoga County, New York where he was among the founders of the Stillwater Congregational Church which became known as the "Yellow Meeting House." The church was organized in New Canaan, but moved to Stillwater in 1762.

The British government offered land grants to Americans to settle in Ontario. The Keelers settled at Elizabethtown, Leeds County, Ontario.

Millicent died on November 20, 1837 in Brockville, Leeds County Ontario.

Brockville, Ontario was called Elizabethtown. The area was first settled by English speakers in 1785, when Americans who had remained loyal to the crown fled to Canada after the American Revolution.



Isiah Keeler was born on January 1, 1761. He was son of Isaiah Keeler and Milicent Olmstead.

He married Sarah Mosher Scidmore who was born June 3, 1765 She was the daughter of Solomon and Mary Mosher of Stillwater, Saratoga County, New York.

Isaiah Whitney Keeler (1784, married Lucinda Curtis),
Mary Keeler Scidmore (1786 married Isaac Patterson and Henry J. Kilty),
William A. Olmstead Keeler (1788),
Haman Keeler(married Martha Blackstock),
Daniel Keeler (1793, married Hannah Stuart and K. M. Stuart),
Darius Dunham Keeler (1795 in Elizabethtown, married Arethus Powers),
Sarah Keeler (1798, married Peter June),
Elizabeth Keeler (1800)
James Keeler (1802 in Canada, married Elizabeth Breed Piper),
Abigail Ingerson Keeler (1804),
Rebekah Keeler (1805, married Elisha Slocum),
Priscilla Keeler (1808)

Isaiah died on October 26, 1852 . Sarah died on January 25, 1853 in Mexico, Oswego County, New York.



James Keeler was born about 1758 in Lenox, Massachusetts. He was the son of Ebenezer Keeler and Jemima Gregory. He was a UEL Loyalist.

He married Ann Fulton.

He settled in Augusta Township in 1797.

Samuel Keeler (1805, married Caroline Gardnier)


Isaiah Whitney Keeler was born in 1784 in Stillwater, Saratoga County, New York. He was the son of Isaiah Keeler and Sarah Mosher Skidmore.

On December 10, 1806 Isaiah W. Keeler of Elizabethtown married Lucinda Curtis of Yonge. The marriage was witnessed by Samuel Judson and his brother Nathan Olmstead Keeler.

In 1812 an Isiah and Nathan Kieler were on the Leeds County militia list with the notation that they deserted.

He died in 1850 in Erie County, Pennsylvania.


Sylvanus Keeler was born about 1766. He was the son of  Isaiah Keeler and Millicent Olmsted.

He was a Methodist minister.

He married Rhoda Whitney. Rhoda was born about 1760 in New York. She was the daughter of John Whitney and Rebecca Morehouse.

Huldah Keeler (1786, married William Patterson and David Mallory),
Calvin Keeler (1790),
Nancy Keeler (1792, married James Alexander Purvis),
John Whitney Keeler (1793, married Lucy Pennock), and
Clara Keeler (1798, married Ralph Warner).

Sylvanus Keeler commenced travelling in 1795, on the Bay of Quinte District. Carroll says of this preacher:

The name of Sylvanus Keeler, converted and raised up into the ministry in Canada, in the Elizabethtown country, not far from where Brockville now stands, is worthy of being rescued from oblivion. He had no advantages of an early education, but by industry surmounted this defect, by self-culture becoming possessed of a tolerable knowledge of the English language. His zeal and fervor knew no bounds, and he was frequently, for three months at a time, absent from wife and family. He settled on a farm near Brockville, where he was known as Father Keeler, being remarkable in appearance for his long flowing hair, white as wool. He lived and died a good man. (from History of Leeds & Grenville)

Silvanus W. Keeler was in the Leeds County militia in 1812 under Sherman.

Sylvanus died in 1825 in Leeds County, Ontario.




from History of Leeds & Grenville

Verne Francis Larrimer, a captain under General Montcalm, at the capture of Quebec by General Wolfe, built the first house in Edwardsburg. His daughter Lizette married Daniel Keeler.

James Keeler, father of Daniel, descended from the Puritan stock of New England, emigrated from Massachusetts to New Jersey when he was three years of age. During the war of 1776, being at that time about 16 years old, he joined the Royal army, and served through the war. In 1792, he came to Canada, and settled near Kilmarnock, but during the ensuing winter, finding it impossible to get his wife and family through the snow to that place, he purchased Lot No. 23, in the 3rd Concession of Augusta.

Daniel Keeler raised the following family: James, Ephraim, and Catherine, who married Jacob Heck.

In 1820, Daniel removed from Augusta to the vicinity of Spencerville, and built a new house in fact it was the only one between Spencerville and Johnstown. . . .

Mr. James Keeler was elected to the first District Council of Johnstown, 1842, and has been a member of the Municipal Council ever since, with the exception of three years. He is one of the oldest County Councillors in Canada. Mr. Keeler married Sarah Spencer, by whom he had the following children: Hamilton, a doctor of medicine, who practiced in the Township of Yonge until his death ; George, who married Miss Guile, of Elizabethtown, and settled in Lansdowne ; William, who married Miss Banks ; and Samuel. Mr. Keeler has always been a moderate Reformer, and at one time was selected by the Dominion Government as valuator of the lands, the property of the Crown on Grenadier Island.


Upper Canada Land Petitions

Keeler, Mary, 1810
Keeler, (Bouch) Nancy, 1832
Keeler, Frederick, 1842,
Keeler, Isaac, 1850

Keeler, James, 1794
Keeler, James 1798
Keeler, Daniel, 1810
Keeler, Elizabeth, 1810
Keeler, Jane 1815
Keeler, James H. 1817
Keeler, Mary A., 1819
Keeler, William, 1823
Keeler, George, 1828
Keeler, Samuel, 1849

Keeler, Joseph, 1809
Keeler, Joseph, 1829
Keeler, Joseph A., 1819
Keeler, Joseph A., 1819
Keeler, Joseph A., 1820
Keeler, Joseph A., 1821

Keeler, Joseph A., 1820
Keeler, Joseph A.,1822
Keeler, Joseph A., 1824
Keeler, Joseph A., 1824

Keeler, William 1796

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