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John Elliott

On February 7, 1813, the American army raided Elizabethtown (present day Brockville, Leeds County, Ontario). The Americans crossed the frozen St. Lawrence River and seized equipment, freed American prisoners, and captured Canadian men.

John or Jonathan Elliott was born about 1734 in Delaware. He was the son of Christopher Elliott.

He married Catherine Evans.

Margaret Elliott (1764, married John McIntosh),
Samuel Elliott (1764)
John Elliott (1765),
Jacob Elliott (1765, married Rebecca German)
Catherine Elliott (1768, married Samuel Shipman),
Susanna Elliott (1771, married Samuel Griffin),
Hannah Elliott (1772, married Nathan Dayton and Abel Coleman),
Judah Elliott (1773, married John Ferris),
Phebe Elliott (1779, married Aaron Comstock),
Polly Elliott (1780, married Abel Fulford)
Elizabeth Elliott (1784, married John Hall and William Doak)
Henry Elliott (1786).

On February 6, 1813, Samuel Elliot was taken prisoner in a raid by the Americans and was taken to Ogdensburg.

John died on July 24, 1795 in Elizabethtown, Leeds County, Ontario.

In June, 1839 several children of the late John Elliott appeared before the Land Commission Board of Canada petitioning for land as their father was a Loyalist.



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