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Daniel Derbyshire was born about 1765 in Saratoga County, New York. He was the son of Benjamin Derbyshire.

He married Lovina Blanchard.

Anne Derbyshire (1790, married Eri Hayes and William Knowles),
Daniel Derbyshire (1792, married Nancy Wiltse, daughter of James Wiltse),
James Derbyshire (1794, married Polly Wiltse),
Joseph Derbyshire (1797, married Anna Wing), and
Harvey Derbyshire (1798, married Susannah Austin).

In 1804 Daniel was ordained as pastor along with Abel Stevens of the Steventown Baptist Church

In 1805 he bought a parcel of land in Elizabethtown (now Brockville) from Isaac Palmer for £27.

He made a will on April, 15, 1808. It was registered on March 17, 1827.

After his death his widow married Jedediah Wing.


Brockville, Ontario was called Elizabethtown. The area was first settled by English speakers in 1785, when Americans who had remained loyal to the crown fled to Canada after the American Revolution.






from The Baptists in Upper and Lower Canada before 1820 by Stuart Ivison and Fred Rosser

Daniel Derbyshire
Despire the prominence of the Derbyshire family name in the county of Leeds, little is known about the Rev. Daniel Derbyshire except what is contained in the brief references made to him in missionaries' reports and in the minutes of the Steventown church. He was serving as a lay preacher when Joseph Cornell visited that place in 1803, and was ordained as pastor, along with Abel Stevens, in 1804.

It is recorded in the county registry office of Brockville that in 1805 he bought a parcel of land (part of fifty acres), from Isaac Palmer in Elizabethtown for the sum of £27.

He made a will on April, 15, 1808, a memorial of which was registered on March 17, 1827, by his widow, who after his death, had married Jedediah Wing, of Yonge.

His oldest son was James Derbyshire who in 1835 disposed of some of the land he had inherited from his parents.


 Harvey Derbyshire was a Quaker minister, and with fellow Yonge residents Isaac and Rebecca (Wing) Benedict left Canada to join in a new Friends settlement in Salem, Henry Co., Iowa.

Susanna's brother, Robert Moffet Austin also came with them. This was said to have occurred in the late 1840's, however the 1st records found in Henry Co., Iowa for either family are for Robert in the 1852 Salem, Henry Co. State census, and Harvey in 1854 (these 2 censuses probably are one census taken over time).

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