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Nathaniel Brown

United Empire Loyalists were Americans who remained loyal to King George III and the British Empire. They moved to Canada after the American Revolution.

Nathaniel Brown was born about 1750. He was the son of Thomas Brown and Deborah Welles.

James Brown (1779, married Rhoda Wiltse, daughter of John Wiltse),
Nancy Brown (1780, married Jonathon Fulford),
Nathaniel Brown, Jr. (1783)
Anna Brown (1790),
Phoebe Brown (1797),
Samuel Brown,
Amy Brown,
Phillip Brown (married Polly Parish) ,
Hannah Brown,
Michael Brown (1804).

Nathaniel Brown was a British soldier who fought under General Burgoyne in the 1777 battles of Saratoga and Tinconderoga.

At the end of the war, Brown and his family made their way from Bennington, Vermont to Canada. Brown was granted 200 acres in Elizabethtown. His farm became the nucleus of the future community of Browntown.

Nathaniel’s property was described as Lot 35 in the Ninth Concession of Elizabethtown. His son James subsequently developed the adjoining Lot 34 as well as Lot 35 in the Seventh Concession.

In 1805 they were in Elizabethtown, Leeds County, Ontario

George III ruled Great Britain from October 25, 1760 to January 29, 1820.



Johnstown District and for the District of Johnstown on Tuesday the eighteenth day of February in the Forty- sixth year of the reign of our Sovereign Lord George the Third

Nathaniel Brown of Elizabethtown Innkeeper acknowledges to owe to Our Sovereign Lord the King the sum of ten pounds and Billa Flint and Jonathan Mills Church both of the same Yeomen each acknowledge to owe to Our Sovereign Lord the King the sum of five pounds upon condition that the said Nathaniel Brown shall suffer no unlawful games, drunkeness, or any other disorder to be used or committed in his House for and during the term of one year from the fifth day of January last, but shall keep good order and rule within the same during the said term according to law, then this recognizance to be void, otherwise to remain in full force.

Seth Jackway of Yong Yeoman and Nathaniel Brown Junior of the same place acknowledge to owe to Our Sovereign Lord the King the sum of ten pounds each to be made and levied upon their goods and chattels, lands and tenements, to his Majesty's use. The condition of this recognizance is such, that of the said Seth Jackway and Nathaniel Brown Junior shall personally appear at the next Sessions of the Peace in this District, and prosecute and give evidence against Solomon Churchel in a case of trespass and assault, then this recognizance to be void, or else to remain in full force.

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