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The Andress Family of Leeds County, Ontario

  also spelled Andres, Andrews, Andrus  

Fairfield County, Connecticut originally consisted of the towns of Rye, Greenwich, Stamford, Norwalk, Fairfield, and Stratford. Woodbury (1673) , Danbury (1687), Ridgefield (1709), Newtown (1711), and New Fairfield (1740) were added later. In 1751, part of Woodbury was included in Litchfield County.

Stephen Andress, Sr. was born on December 21, 1747 in Fairfield County, Connecticut. He was the son of Ebenezer Andress and Sarah Sturgis.

His wife was named Sarah.

William Andress (1770, married Elizabeth Mallory),
Benjamin Andress (1774),
John Andress (1776),
Elizabeth Andress (1779, married Joel Putnam),
Thomas Andress (1782),
Jabez Andress (1782),
Lydia Andress (1784, married Eniel Palmer),
Stephen Andress, Jr. (1788).

In 1812, Benjamin was in Elizabethtown Township, Leeds County, Ontario.

In 1812, Jabez and Thomas were in the Leeds County militia under Captain Howard.

1824 Yonge:

Andrews Jabesh 5
Andrews Stephen 2
Andrews Thomas 1
Andrews William

Leeds County, Ontario, Canada was first surveyed in 1792 in preparation for the United Empire Loyalists settlers. In 1850, Leeds County merged with Grenville to create the United Counties of Leeds and Grenville.


Brockville, Ontario was called Elizabethtown. The area was first settled by English speakers in 1785, when Americans who had remained loyal to the crown fled to Canada after the American Revolution.


The first European settlements in Ontario were after the American Revolution when 5,000 loyalists left the new United States.

William Andress was born on February 20, 1770. He was the son of Stephen and Sarah Andress.

He married Elizabeth Mallory.

Thomas Andress (1793, married Hannah Wood, daughter of John Wood),
William Andress (1796),
Susannah Andress (1800, married Eadie Kelly),
David M. Andress (1802),
Abia Andress (1806, married Jarvis Guild),
Christopher Andress (1808),
James Andress (1811, married Agnes Watson),
Edward Andress (1812, married Elizabeth Hodge),
Rufus Andress (1813),
Hezekiah Andress (1814),
Samuel Enoch Andress (1815, married Martha Ferguson),
John Andress (1817).

In 1803, 1805, 1808, William was in Yonge Township, Leeds County, Ontario.

William died in 1819 and Elizabeth died in 1847.


On February 7, 1813, the American army raided Elizabethtown (present day Brockville, Leeds County, Ontario). The Americans crossed the frozen St. Lawrence River and seized equipment, freed American prisoners, and captured Canadian men.


Thomas Andress was born in about 1793 in Ontario, Canada. He was the the son of William Andress and Elizabeth Mallory. Thomas was a carpenter and a cooper.

Thomas married Hannah Wood. Hannah was the daughter of John Wood.

Mary P. Andress (1823, married Hutchinson and Aurelino P. Zander),
Hannah Andress (1824, married James LaRue son of Henry LaRue and Joshua Watson), and
William H. Andress (1836, married Lydia W. Longeway).

A cooper makes wooden barrels and casks.



Thomas Andress was born about 1782. He was the son of Stephen Andress.

Socrates Andress (1808, married Mary Ladd),
James M. Andress (1814)



Benjamin Andrews

Paulina Andrews (married Samuel Mott)
Nancy Andrews (married B. C. Wright)
Lydia Andrews (1784, married William Botsford)
Margaret Andrews (married Simeon Morrill)
Michael J. Andrews

In this town on Sunday last, the 15th inst., by the Rev. Official Stuart [sic], Mr. Simeon Morrill to Miss Margaret Andrews, both of this city. Kingston Gazette, Dec. 21, 1816, p. 3


Hezekiah Andrews was born about 1776

He married Henrietta Earl.

Harriet Andrews (1800, married James McCrea),
Permillia Andrews (1802)
Anna Andrews (1803, married Charles Wood, son of ),
Silas Andrews (1805, married Amy Holmes),
Rufus Andrews (1808, married Roxey Draper),
Sarah Andrews (1810, married David Barrows),
Russell Andrews (1814, married Melissa Beaman),
Henry Andrews (1816).

He died in 1857.



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