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The Alguire Family of Leeds County, Ontario

Leeds County, Ontario, Canada was first surveyed in 1792 in preparation for the United Empire Loyalists settlers. In 1850, Leeds County merged with Grenville to create theĀ United Counties of Leeds and Grenville.

Daniel Alguire was born about 1781 in Albany County, New York.

He married Lydia Cryderman.

Daniel and Lydia's children included:

Harmonius Alguire (1802, married Jerusha Cornell),
Daniel Alguire (1808),
Levi Alguire (1811),
Isaac Alguire (1814),
Lydia Alguire (1814, married William Hamblin),
Simeon Alguire,
Reuben Alguire (1818),
Sterling Alguire (1820)
Elizabeth Alguire (1822, married Uriah Parish son of Edward Parish and Charlotte Kelsey),
Olive Alguire (1824, married William Lamb), and
Melissa Alguire (1827, married Abraham Brown).

Daniel, Sr. served as an artilleryman in the War of 1812.

In 1815, he settled in Yonge Township, Leeds County, Ontario.

Daniel died on February 8, 1832.

In the War of 1812 (1812-1815) the United States declared war on England because of trade restrictions, impressment, and British support for Indian attacks. They signed the Treaty of Ghent on December 24, 1814 after reaching a stalemate.



United Empire Loyalists were Americans who remained loyal to King George III and the British Empire. They moved to Canada after the American Revolution.

from History of Leeds & Grenville

Daniel Alguire was the son of a United Empire Loyalist, who resided near Albany, New York. At an early date, Mr. Alguire removed to Canada, settling in the vicinity of Cornwall, and serving as an artilleryman in the War of 1812-15. In 1815, he proceeded to the Township of Yonge, settling on Lot No. 8, in the 9th Concession, where he died February 8th, 1832, in the 52nd year of his age.

He was the father of eleven children, who were all living at the time of his death.

Levi and

Daughters :
Lydia, married William Hamblin;
Elizabeth, married Uri Parish;
Melessa, married A. H. Brown;
Olive, married William Lamb.

Harmonius Alguire was born in Cornwall, December 27th, 1802, came to Yonge in 1815, resided for some years at Addison and in Kitley, returning to the vicinity of Farmersville [now Athens]. In the 26th year of his age, he married Jerusha, daughter of George Cornell.

Mr. Alguire served his apprenticeship as a blacksmith with Joseph Pratt, and continued at the business until thirty years of age, when he engaged in farming upon an extensive scale, removing to Farmersville in 1860, where he still resides At one time he was the owner of over one thousand acres of land in the Township, exclusive of village property.

He is the father of nine children, three sons and six daughters.
Lewis and Sarah died in infancy;
Isaac C.; |
Reid Burritt ;
Allura married S. A. Taplin, Esq.;
Eleanor married S. B. Williams;
Lydia married L. D. Phillips;
Maria married Frank Wiltse;
Selina married J. P. Lamb.

The first European settlements in Ontario were after the American Revolution when 5,000 loyalists left the new United States.

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Colonial New England
Colonial Virginia & West Virginia
Quakers & Mennonites
New Jersey Baptists
German Lutherans
Watauga Settlement
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Jewish Immigrants

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