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Jamesville/Manlius/Dewitt in Onondaga County, New York




Manlius 1820 Dwinnell Neighbors

Name   from  
Samuel Hyatt      
Samuel H. Worden 1793 Windham, Vermont m. Julia Brewster
Isaac Crocker      
Deborah Byington      
Aaron Jerome      
Luther Badger 1785-1868 Berkshire, MA U.S. Congressman
Elijah Rust 1767-1824   1810 Sheriff
Josephus B. Stewart      
Lillick Bolt      
Henry Y Stewart      
Colbey Dibble 1793-1868    
Samuel A. Gould      
Israel Dwinnell   Cheshire, NH  
Alexander DeWitt      
James Humphrey      
Thomas Kelly      
Frederick Gains      
Washington Hamilton      
Thomas Green 1793-1871 Manlius  
Matthew G. Cadwell 1785-1847 Berkshire, MA  
Amasa Dodge      
Elisha Cadwell      
James Griggs      
Richard Parsons      
Benjamin Parsons      
Levi Bishop 1760-1849   Colonel Lamb's Regiment
Phillip S. Schuyler      
Thomas Donnelly      
Stephen Libeus      
John Heck      
Anna Lee      





Dutchess County, New York patriots forced colonists loyal to the British government to flee north into what became Ontario.

from Onondaga; or Reminiscences of Earlier and Later Times by Joshua V. H. Clark. Syracuse: Stoddard and Babcock, 1849, Vol. I, pp. 230-240. Onondaga; or Reminiscences of Earlier and Later Times by Joshua V. H. Clark. Syracuse: Stoddard and Babcock, 1849, Vol. I, pp. 230-240.

DeWitt - This town was originally a part of the township of Manlius, and was set off from it in the spring of 1835, and named after Moses De Witt, Esq.

The first settler in this town was Benjamin Morehouse from Fredericksburg, Dutchess County, New-York. . .

Mr. Morehouse's nearest neighbors were Asa Danforth and Comfort Tyler, at Onondaga Hollow, seven miles distant.. .

Jamesville and vicinity was settled during the years from 1790 to 1800, by Moses De Witt, Daniel Keeler, Dr. Holbrook, Jeremiah Jackson, William Bends, Stephen Angel, Stephen Hungerford, Jeremiah and James Gould, Roger Merrill, Caleb Nortrup, Benjamin Sanford and others. The village was at first called Sinai.

Jeremiah Jackson erected the first dwelling entitled to the name of frame, in 1797. Joseph Purdy opened the first blacksmith's shop about the same time. In 1798, Matthew Dumfrie built a distillery, malt house and brewery, and manufactured the first beer and whiskey made in the county. Oliver Owen erected a saw mill in 1795. Mr. Trowbridge kept the first tavern at Jamesville, in 1804, afterwards kept by David Olmsted, in 1806, then considered the best tavern west of Utica. Benjamin Sanford built the mills in 1803. Mr. Hungerford started clothing works about the same time. "The Jamesville Iron and Woolen Factory" was chartered in 1809, and a Post Office established same year, Thomas Rose, Post Master. Moses D. Rose succeeded him. The name of Jamesville was adopted at the time the Iron and Woolen Factory was incorporated; the name was given by the Legislature, and was first published and proclaimed at a great fourth of July celebration, held at Jamesville, 1810. First schoolhouse for Jamesville was erected east of the village in 1795, Polly Hibbard, Teacher, succeeded by Susan Ward. The first school in Jamesville, was in 1806.


Name birth year & place town spouse notes
Israel Dwinnell 1765 Boxford, MA Manlius/DeWitt Eunice Davis in Manlius by 1806
Stephen Dwinnell 1772 Vermont 1810-Brutus, Cayuga, New York
Sarah Wright Justin (1800)
Maria (1805)
Wright (1806)
Charlotte (1813)
William (1816)
Hellen (1821)
Esther Dwinnell 1791, Keene   Adams Robbins daughter of Israel
Relephe Dwinnell 1792, Vermont or MA Manlius    
Mehitable Dwinnell 1792 b. Manlius Lovejoy  
Isaac Davis Dwinnell 1794, Keene Aurelius, Cayuga, New York - 1820
Salina 1830
  son of Israel
convicted in Onondaga County on November 27, 1818
William Dwinnell 1798 1830 Manlius    
Israel Dwinnel, Jr. 1804, New Hampshire   Mary Hecox son of Israel
Herman Dwinnel 1806     enlisted in 1833 in Onondaga Cty.
Charles Dwinnell 1815, NY      
Isaac Davis Dwinnell, Jr. 1816, New York   Rachael Lapointe  
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New Jersey Baptists
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Jewish Immigrants

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