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Brockville First Presbyterian Church


A meeting was called, and a long document drawn up and subscribed, in which the people of Elizabethtown, Yonge and Augusta, became bound to raise by subscription a stipend of one hundred and fifty pounds per annum [for William Smart to start the first Sabbath School in Canada].

This document was dated October 3rd, 1812, and was signed and sealed by the following:


Breakenridge, James  
Carley, Bartholemew  
Dunham, James  
Henderson, Rufus C,  
Hubble, Elnathan  
Jones, Josiah  
McLean, Archibald  
McLean, Robert  
McNish, Joseph  
Purvis, Peter  
Sherwood, Adiel  
Wells, William  

William Smart
William Smart
Minister of the Presbyterian Church

Late in 1815 and early in 1816 the subject was again energetically taken up, and various meetings held, at which the nature and design of a Christian Church was explained, and ultimately Tuesday, the 12th day of March, 1816, was set apart as a special day of prayer and fasting.

During the exercises of the day another document was drawn up, containing certain rules for the guidance of the officers in managing the spiritual and temporal affairs of the congregation, and was signed by the minister and twenty-five others, as follows, viz.:

Fraser, Ann  
Gibson, James  
Grant, Allan  
Grant, Mrs,  
Jones, Philena widow of Israel Jones, married William Smart
Jones, Sedate  
McCready, Anna  
McCready, David  
McCready, David  
McCready, John  
McCready, Mary  
McLean, Alexander, Sr.  
McLean, Anna  
McLean, Henry  
McLean, Alexander, Jr.  
McLean, Nancy  
McLean, Rebecca  
McLean, Jane  
Morris, Janet  
Purvis, Catherine Gardnier  
Purvis, Peter  
Seaman, Margaret McCready  
Seaman, Nehemiah  
Simpson, Margaret  
Taylor, Jane  




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