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First Regiment of the Leeds Militia 1812


The 1st Leeds Militia members consisted of the first 4 Concessions of Elizabethtown & Yonge Townships & the western half of 5th Concession of Elizabethtown.

The 1st Leeds participated in engagements:

Brockville Febrary 7, 1813
Ogdensburg on February 22, 1813
Crysler's Farm on November 11, 1813


Nominal Return of the Flank Companies of the 1st Regiment Leeds Militia
War of 1812

(Source: Canada Archives microform t-10379, pages 34-43)


In the War of 1812 (1812-1815) the United States declared war on England because of trade restrictions, impressment, and British support for Indian attacks. They signed the Treaty of Ghent on December 24, 1814 after reaching a stalemate.

The Battle of Crysler's Farm was on November 11, 1813 in Eastern Onatrio. The British and Canadians defeated the Americans who greatly outnumbered them.

Name Rank Remarks Captain
Adams, Elijah      
Adams, Elisha     Sherwood
Adams, Samuel   deserted  
Adams, Walter     Sherwood
Ales, Samuel     Howard
Alesworth, Silvinus     Howard
Allan, Alea      
Alyea, Peter Sgt.   Sherwood and Howard
Alyeboyne, John      
Andrews, Jabez   Andress Howard
Andrews, Michael   dead  
Andrews, Thomas   Andress Howard
Armstrong, Adolphus      
Arnold, John      
Austin, Mauris      
Avery, James     Howard
Avery, William     Howard
Ayres, Closson      
Babcock, Amos   deserted, was entitled to 200 acres  
Baker, Elisha      
Baker, John      
Baldwin, Daniel L.     Howard
Baldwin, David Sgt   Howard
Bard, Andrew      
Barker, Stephen   deserted  
Bassett, Frances     Sherwood
Bauton, Freeborn      
Bawlin (Baldwin?), Daniel     Howard
Baxter, Nathan     Howard
Beach, Curtis     Howard
Beach, Jabez   dead, son of Elihu Beach  
Beach, Lovel     Howard
Beach, Stephen      
Beebe, Papheras     Sherwood
Benedick, John   deserted  
Bewell, Bemsley Sgt.   Sherwood
Bewell, Timothy     Sherwood
Billings, Elkanah      
Bissel, Roger     Howard
Bissonette, Stephen      
Blanchard, Aron   deserted  
Blanchard, Selah   deserted  
Bluke, Joseph      
Boen, John S.      
Bogart, David G.     Sherwood
Bogart, David G.     Howard
Bogart, William   Bogert, deserted Sherwood
Booth, Isaac     Sherwood
Booth, John Sergeant    
Botsford, Alanson     Sherwood
Boulton, Benjamin      
Boulton, Hugh      
Boulton, Hugh     Sherwood
Boulton, Thomas     Sherwood
Boyce, Abiatha   or Boice Howard
Boyce, James   or Boice Howard
Brass, Abraham   deserted  
Brayton, Benjamin     Sherwood
Bristol, Joseph      
Brooker, Elisha   deserted  
Brooker, William   deserted  
Brown, Benjamin     Sherwood
Brown, Henry      
Brown, Isaac     Howard
Brown, James   deserted, son of Nathaniel Sherwood
Brown, Mordicai   or Browne, deserted Sherwood and Howard
Brown, Nathaniel     Sherwood
Bryant, John      
Bryant, William      
Buck, David     Sherwood
Buck, Joseph      
Buell, Rinaldo   deserted, son of Jonathan Buell  
Buell, Timothy   son of William Buell  
Buell, William, Jr.   served as Sergeant, son of William Buell Sherwood
Butler, Truelove Sgt.   Sherwood
Byington, Daniel   deserted  
Cain, John, Jr.      
Cameron, James      
Cameron, John   deserted  
Cameron, Richard   deserted,
Richardson Cameron February 6, 1813 taken prisoner in a raid by the Americans.
Carly, Bartholemew   Carley Sherwood
Carly, Duncan served short time as ensign Carley Sherwood
Carly, James Sergeant    
Caswell, Stephen      
Caswell, Zacheus   Taken prisoner by the enemy and did not return until peace  
Church, Daniel J.      
Church, Jonathan M., Jr.      
Clark, Nathan,, Jr.   dead  
Clow, John      
Clow, Peter     Howard
Clow, William     Sherwood
Cole, George      
Cole, Isaac      
Cole, Peter      
Comstock, Aaron b. 1769    
Comstock, William b. 1791    
Connant, William     Sherwood
Cornwell, James      
Cornwell, Samuel   deserted  
Covell, James     Sherwood
Coville, John      
Cromwell, James     Sherwood
Cromwell, Samuel     Sherwood
Cross, Daniel     Howard
Cross, John      
Cross, Moses     Howard
Curtis, Allen   or Allan Sherwood
Curtis, Daniel      
Curtis, John   deserted  
Darbishere, James     Howard
Davis, William      
Davison, John      
Day, Adam     Howard
Day, Albert Sgt.   Sherwood
Day, Alonza   deserted  
Day, Daniel Fifer   Howard
Day, Daniel Corporal   Howard
Day, Daniel, Jr.     Sherwood
Day, David     Sherwood
Day, Erastus     Sherwood
Day, John   deserted  
Day, William   deserted  
Dayton, Abraham Ensign    
Demming, John      
Demmings, Elisha   or Demming Sherwood
Densmore, Moses   deserted  
Densmore, William      
Dockam, Herman   deserted  
Dozenbury, John      
Dukelon, Claudius      
Dukelyn, Adam      
Dyer, John     Sherwood
Dyer, Richard      
Earl, Robert   never did duty being sick  
Eastwood, Amos     Sherwood
Eliott, Moses   son of David Elliott Sherwood and Howard
Eliott, Stephen   deserted  
Elliot, George     Howard
Ellis, Stephen     Howard
Faushette, Joseph      
Fave, Benjamin      
Ferguson, Joseph      
Fields, John      
Fields, Lynus     Sherwood
Fields, Russel      
Fill, Ira     Howard
Fitzgerald, Thomas      
Fletcher, Archibald      
Foushett, Joseph     Sherwood
Fraser, Collins      
Fraser, William      
Fredenburg, John   deserted  
Freeday, James      
Freel, David   died in service Sherwood
French, Charles   February 6, 1813 taken prisoner in a raid by the Americans, probably son of Henry French Sherwood
Friday, Joseph   or Freedy Sherwood
Fulford, Albe     Howard
Fulford, Jonathan Lieut.    
Gardnier, George Sergeant    
Garey, Cornelius   deserted  
Gillet, Silas      
Gold, Charles     Sherwood
Gordon, Abraham      
Gordon, Thomas   enlisted in Glengarry Fencibles  
Graham, John   enlisted in Glengarry Fencibles  
Grant, Allan served a short time as Lt.    
Grant, Duncan      
Grant, Houston     Howard
Gray, Samuel Sergeant    
Griffin, Calvin   deserted  
Griffin, Gilbert     Howard
Griffin, John     Sherwood
Griswold, Truman   or Freeman Sherwood
Grossmaker, John      
Hacket, Josiah      
Hackett, Joseph     Sherwood
Hagerman, John, Jr. Ensign    
Hagerman, Zachariah   son of John Hagerman, Sr. Howard
Halstead, James     Howard
Hamblen, William      
Hamblin, William     Sherwood
Harrington, Thomas     Howard
Hasbrook, Isaac     Sherwood
Hawes, Edward   or Haus?, Haws Sherwood and Howard
Hawes, Elias E.     Sherwood
Hawes, James     Sherwood
Hawes, Peter      
Hawley, Truman     Howard
Hawley, Truman Drummer   Howard
Haylea, Peter     Howard
Henderson, John     Sherwood
Henderson, William      
Hogaboom, Isaac     Sherwood
Holmes, Jesse, Jr.     Sherwood
Hoover, David      
Horton, Adam      
Horton, John      
Horton, John, Jr.      
Horton, Nicholas      
Horton, William     Sherwood
Horton, Zenius     Sherwood
How, Elias     Howard
Howard, James     Sherwood
Howard, James B.      
Howard, John Captain   Howard
Howard, Stephen     Howard
Howe, Daniel      
Howland, Thomas F Ensign   Howard
Hubbard, David   deserted Sherwood
Hubbell, Justus     Sherwood
Hunter, Marven   or Marvin Sherwood
Hunter, Socrates     Sherwood
Hunter, William     Howard
Hunter, William R.     Howard
Huntley, Thomas   deserted  
Huntly, Elijah     Howard and Sherwood
Hutchinson, Elias   deserted  
Hutchinson, Joab   deserted  
Hutchison, David     Sherwood
Hutchison, Jacob     Sherwood
Johnes, Edward      
Johns, Ruben M.     Sherwood
Jones, Jonas served a short time as captain    
June, Levi   deserted  
June, David   deserted  
Keeler, Isiah deserted Kieler in record  
Keeler, Nathan deserted Kieler in record  
Keeler, Silvanus W.   or Keyler, Sylvanus  Sherwood
Ketcham, John, Jr.      
Keys, Asahel   or Keyes Ashahel Kyes b. 1764, fell ill and returned home d. 14 July 1813 Sherwood and Howard
Kilborn, Hiram      
Kilborn, John acted as Sergeant    
Kincade, Alexander     Sherwood
Kincaid, Archibald      
Kincaid, John      
Kinion, Thomas B.      
Kitchum, George     Howard
LaRue, Croyness   or Cyrnis Sherwood and Howard
LaRue, Henry     Howard
LaRue, Peter     Howard
Ladd, Archibald     Sherwood
Landon, Arthur   deserted  
Landon, Benjamin Corporal   Howard
Landon, Daniel J.     Howard
Landon, Erastus     Howard
Landon, Jesse      
Landon, William H.     Howard
Landres, John     Howard
Leahy, Abraham     Sherwood
Leahy, Robert     Sherwood
Leaman, Nehemiah     Sherwood
Lee, Noah      
Lewis, Joseph     Howard
Liddle, Andrew   dead  
Linss, Anthony     Howard
Livingston, Samuel     Sherwood
Livingston, Silas      
Loveren, Josiah      
Mallory, Andrew     Sherwood
Mallory, Daniel     Sherwood
Mallory, David     Sherwood
Mallory, Isaac      
Mallory, James     Howard and Sherwood
Mallory, John      
Mallory, Samuel      
Manheart, David   or Manhart Sherwood
Manheart, George     Sherwood
Manheart, Henry   or Manhart  
Marshal, Ira      
Marshal, John      
Martine, Daniel     Howard
McBean, Gillis      
McCain, Stephen   deserted  
McCrady, Anthony     Sherwood
McCue, Abraham   or McKue, February 6, 1813 taken prisoner in a raid by the Americans. Sherwood and Howard
McCue, John      
McDonell, Randy   1762-1737 Howard
McDonell, Samuel   b. 1795, son of Randy Howard
McGowen, Thomas      
McLean, John Lieut.    
McMullen, Neil     Howard
McNeal, Daniel Sgt.   Howard
McNeal, John Lieutenant   Howard
McNish, Samuel Lieutenant   Sherwood
McNish, William     Sherwood
McReady, Anthony      
Mead, Israel     Sherwood
Miller, Robert M.      
Millington, David     Sherwood
Moore, Ebenezer      
Moore, Frederick      
Moore, James      
Moore, Preserve     Howard
Morris, William ensign  (1786 - 1858)  
Mott, Edmond   deserted Sherwood and Howard
Mott, Jeremiah   killed in action with the enemy  
Mott, Ruben   or Reuben Sherwood
Munro, John     Howard
Munro, Samuel Sergeant   Howard
Munro, Timothy     Howard
Munroe, Israel      
Myres, John      
Olds, Moses   deserted  
Oles, James     Sherwood
Page, Reuben      
Pallard, John M.      
Palmer, Neil   Eniel  
Parker, Benjamin     Sherwood
Patterson, Edward     Sherwood and Howard
Patterson, Ira      
Patterson, James   deserted  
Patterson, Robert   deserted  
Patterson, Theron     Sherwood
Patterson, Thomas   deserted  
Patterson, William   deserted  
Pearson, Silas      
Peck, Elias   deserted  
Pennock, Albe   or Abelee Sherwood
Perkins, Thomas     Howard
Petrgroir?, Asahel     Howard
Philips, Davis   deserted  
Plumb, Harvey      
Polly, Benoni     Howard
Prevost, Andrew   not on service by reason of sickness Sherwood
Purdy, William     Howard
Purvis, John   acted as sergeant  
Purvis, George      
Purvis, Thomas      
Putva, Baptist      
Randolph, Abel   deserted  
Ray, John      
Redinburgh, Nathan   dead  
Remick, David   deserted  
Reynolds, Ephraim     Howard
Rice, Joel     Sherwood
Right, Seth     Howard
Robertson, James     Sherwood
Robertson, William     Howard
Robbins, John     Sherwood
Robinson, James      
Robinson, John      
Robinson, William   February 6, 1813 taken prisoner in a raid by the Americans.  
Root, Abel     Howard
Root, Daniel Jr.      
Root, Isaac served as Sergeant    
Rorick, Gasper   or Rouch Sherwood
Russau, Christopher     Howard
Ryan, Lewis     Sherwood
Selee, Ira   deserted  
Selee, John      
Shank, John     Sherwood
Shepherd, George      
Sherwood, Adiel Captain   Sherwood
Sherwood, James Ensign   Sherwood
Sherwood, Reuben served a short time as Captain (1774-1851)  
Sherwood, Seth Sgt   Sherwood
Shipman, Daniel     Sherwood
Shipman, David     Sherwood and Howard
Shipman, Ezekiel     Sherwood
Shipman, Joel     Sherwood
Shipman, Samuel, Jr.      
Shippard, Ira     Howard
Smith, John      
Smyth, Peter      
Smyth, Terrence Ensign or Smith, Terence  
Soper, Timothy     Howard
Spicer, Elijah     Sherwood
Stafford, David D.   deserted  
Stauts, Henry   deserted  
Stephens, Nathan      
Stephens,William   deserted  
Stephenson, Symon   deserted  
Stevenson, David   February 6, 1813 taken prisoner in a raid by the Americans. Sherwood
Stratton, Abner     Howard

Stuart, John

Sturdephant, Soloman      
Sturdifant, Richard     Howard
Sturdiphant, Richard     Sherwood
Sturdiphant, William   or Sturdefant, Studephant Sherwood and Howard
Stuuts, Peter      
Taplin, Walter      
Teed, Elias.     Howard
Thompson, Benjamin      
Thompson, Thomas      
Thornton, Thomas     Sherwood
Trickey, Christopher      
Trickey, Henry     Howard
Trickey, Isaac     Sherwood
Trickey, John     Howard
Trickey, Peter     Howard
Trickey, Samuel     Howard
Trickey, William B.      
Tufts, Winthropp   joined a party of the Enemy as Col. Stone states (Sgt.) Joel Stone Commissioner;
February 6, 1813 taken prisoner in a raid by the Americans.
Tuttle, Levi   deserted  
Tuttle, Newman      
Vandusen, Peter     Howard
Vaughn, Charles   deserted  
Vaughn, John      
Wait, Henry   deserted  
Walker, John      
Walker, Summers      
Warner, Asa   deserted  
Warner, Oliver   deserted Sherwood
Warner, Ralph      
Watson, James      
Webster, Ephraim     Howard
Webster, Ephraim Sergeant   Sherwood
Webster, Ephriam Sgt.   Howard
Weller, Elijah      
Whitamore, Harvey   deserted  
Whitamore, Samuel   dead  
White, John     Sherwood
White, Theodore     Sherwood
Whitney, Cuness      
Whitney, Peter      
Whitney, William      
Wickware/Wickwire, Lebbeus     Sherwood
Wickware/Wickwire, Philip      
Wilcox, Stephen      
Willard, Elisha     Sherwood
Wing, Ichabod     Sherwood
Wooley, Joseph   deserted  
Wright, Abraham     Howard
Wright, David      
Wright, Sylvester Capt.    
Wright, Timothy     Sherwood
Wright, William H.   deserted  
Young, John     Howard



On February 7, 1813, the American army raided Elizabethtown (present day Brockville, Leeds County, Ontario). The Americans crossed the frozen St. Lawrence River and seized equipment, freed American prisoners, and captured Canadian men.



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