An American Family History

Captain John Howard's Company
1st Regiment Leeds Militia

  Pay List for duty performed at various periods during the War of 1812
25 September 1812 to 24 December 1812, inclusive

In the War of 1812 (1812-1815) the United States declared war on England because of trade restrictions, impressment, and British support for Indian attacks. They signed the Treaty of Ghent on December 24, 1814 after reaching a stalemate.

Name Rank
Ales, Samuel  
Alesworth, Silvinus  
Alyea, Peter Sgt.
Andrews, Jabez  
Andrews, Thomas  
Avery, James  
Avery, William  
Baldwin, Daniel L.  
Baldwin, David Sgt
Bawlin (Baldwin?), Daniel  
Baxter, Nathan  
Beach, Curtis  
Beach, Lovel  
Bissel, Roger  
Bogart, David G.  
Boyce, Biatha?  
Boyce, James  
Brown, Isaac  
Brown, Mordica  
Clow, Peter  
Cross, Daniel  
Cross, Moses  
Darbishere, James  
Day, Adam  
Day, Daniel  
Day, Daniel Corporal
Day, Daniel Fifer
Elliot, George  
Elliot, Moses  
Ellis, Stephen  
Fill, Ira  
Fulford, Albe  
Grant, Huston  
Griffin, Gilbert  
Hagerman, Zachariah  
Halstead, James  
Harrington, Thomas  
Hawley, Truman  
Hawley, Truman Drummer
Haws, Edward  
Haylea, Peter  
How, Elias  
Howard, John Captain
Howard, Stephen  
Howland, Thomas F Ensign
Hunter, William  
Hunter, William R.  
Huntly, Elijah  
Keys, Asahel  
Kitchum, George  
LaRue, Crynis  
LaRue, Henry  
LaRue, Peter  
Landon, Benjamin Corporal
Landon, Daniel J.  
Landon, Daniel J.  
Landon, Erastus  
Landon, William H.  
Landres, John  
Lewis, Joseph  
Linss, Anthony  
Mallory, James  
Martine, Daniel  
McDonell, Randy  
McDonell, Samuel  
McKue, Abraham  
McMullen, Neil  
McNeal, Daniel Sgt.
McNeal, John Lieutenant
Moore, Preserve  
Mott, Edmond  
Munro, John  
Munro, Samuel Sergeant
Munro, Timothy  
Patterson, Edward  
Perkins, Thomas  
Petrgroir?, Asahel  
Polly, Benoni  
Purdy, William  
Reynolds, Ephraim  
Right, Seth  
Robertson, William  
Root, Abel  
Russau, Christopher  
Shipman, David  
Shippard, Ira  
Soper, Timothy  
Stratton, Abner  
Sturdefant, William  
Sturdifant, Richard  
Teed, Elias.  
Trickey, Henry  
Trickey, John  
Trickey, Peter  
Trickey, Samuel  
Vandusen, Peter  
Webster, Ephraim  
Webster, Ephriam Sgt.
Wright, Abraham  
Young, John