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1791 Petition of the Ninth Township


The Bay of Quinte is on the northern shore of Lake Ontario. It was settled by loyalists in 1784 who received land grants there.

The first settlements in Sidney, the eighth township, were in 1787. The lands here were gradually occupied by settlers from various parts, the first being unquestionably attracted by the prospect of trading with the Indians.

Thurlow, the ninth township, was similarly settled. In both of these townships many refugee Loyalists found homes and after gathering their‘families, located near the mouth of the Moira River. (from "The Bay of Quinte Settlements during the War of 1812," by Clarence M. Warner in the Proceedings of the New York State Historical Association, Volume 13.

Thurlow is a former township in south central Hastings County, Ontario. In 1998, it became part of Belleville.


April 25, 1791
Ninth Township
To the Honourable Board of Commissioners

The petition of the Subscribers Humbly Sheweth that they have settled and Improved on lands in the Ninth Township which has never ben laid out in a propper manner and in order to prevent Disputes that my arise Your humble Petitioners beg your Honours will Direct means to have the Town laid out into lots as is customary in tis New settlement Which your Petitioners in Duty bound that ever pray

Name went to  
Airs, Ephram    
Avery, William Yonge Township  
Bolten, Abraham    
Conry, Micle    
Cumstock, Levy Yonge Township  
Fairchild, Ebenezer Young Township  
Fulferd, Jonathan    
Garner, George Young Township  
Grifin, Samuel Yonge Township  
Heagreman, Zachariah    
Jonsen, Fredric Young Township  
Kilmore, Niles    
Landers, Jabe Young Township  
Larue, Henry Yonge Township  
Mallery, Jerimiah    
McArthur, Charles    
Patterson, Daniel    
Purves, Peter    
Right, Geans    
Shipman, Samuel Yonge Township  
Tuttle, Daniel    


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