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Simon Dreisbach

“Remember, remember always, that all of us, and you and I especially, are descended from immigrants and revolutionists."
― Franklin D. Roosevelt
Pennsylvania German families took an active role in the American Revolution in Northampton County.
Europeans who made the voyage to America faced a difficult journey of several months.

Lush forests in Colonial America allowed settlers to build wooden homes.

Simon Dreisbach, Jr. was born in Oberndorf, Germany and his christening was recorded at the Evangelical Lutheran church in Feudingen on February 18, 1730. His parents were Johan Simon Dreisbach and Maria Katharina Keller. He was a farmer and miller.

He came to America with his family on the ship Lydia which departed Rotterdam and arrived in Philadelphia on September 20, 1743. 

His first wife was was Maria Dorothea Theis (Does, Toss, Taes) They married in Philadelphia in April, 1752. 

Simon and Dortheas' children included:
John Dreisbach (Aug. 21, 1752),
John George Dreisbach (Jan. 31, 1756),
John Peter Dreisbach (Nov. 3, 1757),
Jacob Dreisbach (June 27, 1759),
Adam Dreisbach (May 8, 1761),
Elizabeth Dreisbach (Aug. 29 1762),
Daniel Dreisbach (May 29, 1764),
Sophia Dreisbach (Feb, 1 1766),
Mary Magdalena Dreisbach (Dec. 1, 1767),
Mary Catherine Dreisbach Butz (Jan. 8, 1769, married, July 9, 1787, George Butz) and
Susanna Dreisbach Deshler Lynn (Jan. 25, 1771, married George Deshler and Peter Lynn). George was the great grandson of Captain David Deshler, the immigrant.

Four of the children; George, Adam, Sophia, and Daniel were deaf.

The first tax list of the inhabitants of Alsace Township, Berks County, was drawn up in 1752. It included "Simon Drisebogh" and "Adam Swasbogh." Simon soon moved to Northampton County and settled in Allen Township. 

In 1771 he and his brother Adam were among the founding members of Zion Stone Church in Kreidersville

In January, 1773 Simon wrote a letter to Rev. John Henry Helffrich. (from A History of the Tohickon Union Church)

About seventeen years ago [1755-1756] when I began to reside here, church services of church attendance was very irregular, the preacher [Hecker] appeared only half of the time when he announced services. Then the people who met had to return home most of the time, without hearing a sermon, which displease them very much.

Dorothea died in 1773. After she died, he married Anna Maria Fuchs Kuder. She was the daughter of Conrad Fuchs.

During he Revolution Simon was a member of the Provincial Convention and the Assembly from 1776 to 1780. On Oct. 20, 1782 hebecame a member of the Council of Censors.

After the war he served several terms in the Assembly and was a member of the Constitutional Convention of 1790.

He died near Weaversville, December 17, 1806.
The Pennsyvania Gazette
Oberndorf is a village in northwest Germany and part of the city of Bad Laasphe. It was in the feudal country of Wittgenstein in the 18th century.
Feudingen is a village in the city of Bad Laasphe and its 13th century church ministered to the entire surrounding area. The church has been Protestant since 1555.
Children of Johann Simon Dreisbach
& Maria Katharina Keller
  • Johann Jost Dreisbach
  • Johann Adam Dreisbach
  • Alexander Dreisbach
  • Maria Catharina Dreisbach
  • Anna Elizabeth Dreisbach
  • Simon Dreisbach
  • Georg Wilhelm Dreisbach
  • Johannes Dreisbach
  • Anna Catharina Dreisbach Ulrich
  • pence

    Northampton County, Pennsylvania is on the eastern border of the state in the Lehigh Valley. It was formed in 1752 from parts of Bucks County. Easton is the county seat.
    Zion Stone Church is a Lutheran church near Kreidersville, Pennsylvania. It was dedicated on June 18, 1772.
    Lutherans are Protestants who follow Martin Luther's religious teachings, especially the doctrine of justification by faith alone.


    Lehigh County, Pennsylvania was first settled about 1730 and officially constituted in 1812 with the division of Northampton County.

    The Boston Tea Party was on December 16, 1773. The Sons of Liberty destroyed an entire shipment of the East India Company's tea by throwing it into the harbor.

    George Washington

    History of Lehigh County, Pennsylvania

    Simon Dreisbach, Jr. was born at Obendorf, Feb. 18, 1730, and died near Weaversville, Dec. 17, 1806. He was a farmer and miller in Lehigh township, and at the outbreak of the Revolution was a member of the Provincial Convention. He was a member of the Assembly from 1776 to 1780, and on Oct. 20, 1782, became a member of the Council of Censors. After the war he served several terms in the Assembly and was a member of the Constitutional Convention of 1790.

    His first wife, Maria Dorothea, died in 1773. He married, second, Mrs. Anna Maria Kuder, daughter of Conrad Fuchs. He had eleven children, four of whom: George, born Jan. 31, 1756; Adam, born May 8, 1761; Daniel, born May 29, 1764; and Sophia, born Feb, 1 1766, were deaf and dumb.

    His other children were;
    John, born Aug. 21, 1752, died Sept. 20, 1825;
    Peter, born Nov. 3, 1752, died Sept 20, 1825;
    Peter, born Nov. 3, 1757;
    Jacob, born June 27, 1759; Elizabeth, born Aug. 29 1762;
    Magdalena, born Dec. 1, 1767;
    Catherine, born Jan. 8, 1769, married, July 9, 1787, George Butz; and
    Susanna born Jan. 25, 1771, married (1st) George Deshler, and had children: Mary and David, and (2nd) a Mr. Lynn.

    (p. 125) On the eighth of July, the day on which the Declaration of Independence was first read in the State House yard in Philadelphia by John Nixon in the presence of a large body of people, the members of the first Constitutional Convention of Pennsylvania were elected: It was on this same day, July 8th, 1776, that the Declaration of Independence was read at the Court House at Easton by Robert Levers, while the town was filled with companies of soldiers, marching to the music of drum and fife to join General Washington.

    The men elected in Northampton county were Simon Dreisbach, Jacob Arndt, Peter Rhoads, Peter Burkhalter, Jacob Stroud, Neigal Gray, Abraham Miller and John Ralston. Of these Peter Rhoads was a resident of Allentown and Peter Burkhalter of Whitehall township.


    The American Revolutionary War (1775–1783) was between the Kingdom of Great Britain and the 13 colonies which became the newly formed United States.

    Dreisbach is also spelled Dresbach, Dresback, Driesbach, Driesbaugh, Dreisback, and Treisbach.
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