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Peter Dillon

The United States Constitution is the supreme law of the United States of America and was ratified in 1789.

Peter Dillon, Sr. was born in 1752. His parents were Daniel and Lydia Dillon.

He married Elizabeth Haworth in 1773 in Guilford County, North Carolina. Elizabeth was the daughter of James Haworth and Sarah Wood.

Sarah Dillon (1774, married John Stanfield),
Garrett Dillon (1776, married Margaret Reece/Rees and Margaret Edmondson daughter of Solomon Edmondson),
James Dillon (1778),
William Dillon (1781),
Lydia Dillon (1783),
Phebe Dillon (1786, married John Reece/Rees),
Susannah Dillon (1789, married Levi Babb),
Jemima Dillon (1791, married George Smith),
Elizabeth Dillon (1794),

Tradition says that Peter Dillon removed from Virginia to North Carolina and that while Sallie and Garrett were playing out of doors they heard the guns of the Guilford Battle, March 15, 1781.

They doubtless removed to Newhope meeting about the time that Grandfather Rees did, say fall of 1781, where they lived to be old and died. I remember seeing Peter coming up the long ascent, say forty rods, from home to Monthly Meeting, walking with two canes and I have heard mother Dillon say that when he could no longer thus get to meeting he used to draw his chair to the porch looking towards the meeting house at meeting time and there, though absent in body yet present in spirit, worship with his friends. (from History of Dillon, Fletcher, and Kindred Families by Henry Dillon)

The settled in Greene County, Tennessee.

In 1809 Garrett, James, William and Peter were in John Stanfield's district.

Greene County, Tennessee developed from the Nolichucky settlement. It was formed in 1783 from part of the original Washington County, North Carolina.

The American Revolutionary War (1775–1783) was between the Kingdom of Great Britain and the 13 colonies which became the newly formed United States.




Monday 27th, July 1829
The execution of the Last Will and Testament of Peter Dillon, Sen. dec'd was duly proven by the affirmation of David Stanfield and Aaron Hammeron subscribing witnesses and ordered to be proved and is as follows:

This is the Last Will and Testament of me Peter Dillon, Senior of the County of Green and State of Tennessee....

First, order and direct my executors hearafter to be named, to pay and discharge my funeral expenses...

I then give & devise unto my beloved wife Elizabeth during her natural life,

  • my mansion house and garden with the privilege of pasturage sufficient for the cows & calves, also
  • free privilege of the orchard for her use, also with
  • one half of my stock, also
  • one half of my household & kitchen furnitre & I further say
  • whatever she may need more for her support to be supplied by my three sons hearafter named.

I next give and devise unto my two sons Garret & James, all my tracts of Land lying on Sinking Crek, to be divided by a known line run by James Galbrinthy?

said Garret to have & to hold that side he now lives on except seven acres on the cheomich? ridge in the South East Corner of the said premises given and devised to my son Garret, which

said seven acres I give & bequeath unto my son, James with a road one rod wide through the premises devised to said Garret, which said road shall be where said Garret shall judge to be most convenient to himself,

provided they said Garret & James do furnish their mother with two thirds of which she may need for her support, over of the above for her dowery as above inserted.

I then give and devise unto my son William and Peter the plantation and tract of land I now live on containing two hundred and fifty four acres by estimation be the same more or less to be divided in the following manor. viz

  • beginning at a stake ?? the side of the branch at the foot of the ? and the line of twelve acre survey, four rods north twelve degrees east from a spanish oak the south east corner of my said twelve acre tract,
  • running from said ? north fifty nine degrees west- sixteen poles to a rock,
  • then north twenty four degrees west twenty eight poles to a stake,
  • then north fifty seven and a half degrees West twenty poles to a large walnut tree
  • thence running a direct line to a stake on the line on the West end of my said lands, so as to make the divising equal in acres or ? between my said sons.

I give and allow my son William to have

  • half of the fruit of my Apple orchard for the term of twelve years, and that he shall
  • have and hold the half on the south side of the above described linesames & Garret.

and my son Peter that on the north side.

Also all the land I hold in the north side of the branch by a late Entry is to be equally divided between my two sons James & Peter the ballance of which I now hold of said Entry I devise to my son William, provided he William furnishes his mother one third of a support in manner as above stated by

I then give & bequeath unto my daughter Lydia the other half of my stock, household & kitchen furniture being an equal dvidend with her mother. Also free priviledge of my mansion house and Orchard for her use during my Wife's natural life.

At the decease of my beloved wife I will & allow of the personal estate she may have remaining one bed furniture to my son, James and the ballance qually divided between my five daughters (viz) Sarah, Phebe, Susanna, Jemima & Elizabeth.

I then give also to my son Peter my Waggon that's now in use on the plantation.

I then nominate, constitute & appoint my two sons Garret & William Executonrs to this my last will & Tstament, hereby revokig all other former Wills & Testaments at any time hearfore made by me.

In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand & seal this tenth day of the second month in the year of our Lord oe thousand eight hundered & twenty nine.

Peter (his mark) Dillon (seal)

Signed sealed acknowledged & delivered int the presence of use who have in the presence of each other singed our names as Witnesses the day & year above.

David Stanfield
Aaron Hammer
Brittn Yor?


from letter written by James Rees, 1 mo. 25th day 1888, Newberg, Oregon
to Abigail Rees, his cousin.

William Dillon and family came out with our family from Tennessee fall of 1830. All are dead but brother John's widow, Susanna, Carthage, Mo.

William Dillon b. 5-15-1781 died 8-16-1831
Susannah Edmundson Dillon b. 12-18-1783 died 12-15-1846
Laban b. 8-1-1807 died unknown
James b. 10-6-1809 died 11-8-1857
Susanna b. 12-18-1811

Thomas Rees married Margaret Bowen in Wales and emigrated to America with a small family. Their son William married Charity, daughter of William Dillon.

The said William Dillon was a son of Redheaded Luke Dillon who married Susanna Garret in Kilkenny, Ireland. He froze to death while intoxicated leaving two sons William and David.

Peter, son of Daniel, married Betty Haworth and raised a family at Newhope. Betty Haworth had three brothers, Richard married Ann, daughter of William Dillon. George married Susanna, daughter of William Dillon. James married father's sister, Mary, niece of the above. They had thirteen children that became heads of families.

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