An American Family History


Jonas Denton


Jonas Denton was born in 1690 in New York. He was the son of Samuel Denton.

Jonas' children probably included:
Jonathan Denton (1716, married Hannah)
John Denton (1715, married Sarah Odell)
Mary Denton (1714, married Thomas Little)
Jonah Denton, Jr.

Jonas died in 1717.





from Funk Pioneers

Jonathan Denton (b. 1715 c., son of Jonas, b. 1690 c.) and his wife Hannah sold 360 acres to John C. Teabo on 23 May 1772.
Hannah Denton (b. 1721 c.) deposed in the Hite/Fairfax lawsuit (3 March 1770) that she was about 49 years old.
Jonathan had purchased the 360-acre tract (recorded then as 369 acres) from Lord Fairfax on 12 September 1766.