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Cheney Families in Huntingdon County

Cheney has also been spelled: Chain, Chainey, Chania, Chaney, Chany, Cheyney, and China.

Dr. Jeremiah Duvall led a group of about 30 families from Ann Arundel County, Maryland to Bedford County, Pennsylvania about 1787. 

The Cheneys who came to Bedford County with Jeremiah Duvall included
Greenberry and

Some of the Cheneys stayed in Broad Top while most of them moved to Ohio.


Edward Cheney was born about 1745 in Maryland.

Edward Cheney migrated to Bedford County with his brothers, John and Joseph, and father in law, William Ijams.


Edward was in Little's Company in 1788 in Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania.

1788 Barree and Miller Twp., Huntingdon Co, Pa. 
Edward China 1 horse, 1 horned cattle

1790 Census Bedford Co., Pa.
Edward Chany 3 males of 16 and over
6 males under16,
4 females

Edward died about 1813.

  Gabriel Cheney  

John Cheney

  Lewis Cheney  

Zachariah Cheney was born about 1733. He was the son of Greenberry Cheney.

He was listed in the 1790 census of Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania. The household consisted of a man over 16 and 2 females.

Zacharial Chaney – March 22, 1794 Survey – 400 acres
Zacharial Chaney – January 2, 1795 Survey – 300 acres


Mary Ann Cheney (1706) daughter of Charles Cheney and Ann Jones, married Edward Ricketts and moved to Shaver's Creek Valley.

Nancy Ann Cheney (1734) daughter of Charles Cheney and Mary Powell married Cheney Ricketts and moved to Huntingdon County.


Unknown Cheney

Edward Cheney
Gilbert Cheney (1750, married Martha)
Nellie Cheney (married Jeremiah Duvall).

Gilbert and Edward received 212 acres and 20 perches of SCM in 1760,- lot 3


Gilbert Cheney was born about 1750.

James Cheney (1785)
John Cheney (1784)
Gilbert Cheney (1802)
Shadrach Cheney (1796)

Gilbert was in the 1774 assessment of Barree township.

1788 Barree and Miller Twp., Huntingdon Co, Pa. 
Gilbert China (for Manor) 125 acres, warranted land, 2 horses, 2 horned cattle

1790 Census Huntingdon Co., Pa.
Gilbert Chainey 1 m 16 up, 2 m u 16, 6 f (1790 Pa. census book pg. 125)

1800 Census Barree Twp., Huntingdon Co., Pa.
Gilbert Chaney 2 m to 10, 2 m to 26, 1 m over 45, 2 f to 10, 2 f to 16, 2 f to 26, 1 f over 45

Huntingdon Co. Wills Vol. III
Cheny, Gilbert – Letters of adm. Granted to Martha Cheny and John Cheny, March 30, 1808 Pg.31

Huntingdon Co., Pa. 1812 Twp. Contained the following taxable
Martha Chaney 153 acres owned village lots

from History of Huntingdon and Blair Counties, Pennsylvania by J. Simpson Africa

On Warrior's Ridge, in what is now Miller, Gilbert Chaney was one of the early settlers.  He was the father of sons named James, John, Gilbert, and Shadrach.  The latter became a Methodist minister.  A daughter became the wife of William Barr, of Jackson township.


Isiah Cheney was born about 1752. He was the son of Isiah and Sarah Cheney and the grandson of Charles Cheney.

His wife was named Constance.

Isiah was in Little's Company in 1788.

1788 Barree and Miller Twp., Huntingdon Co, Pa. 
Isaiah China (for Manor) 125 acres, land held by location or orders of survey, warranted land, 1 horse, 1 horned cattle

1790 Census Huntingdon Co., Pa.
Isia Chainey (1790 Pa. census book pg. 125)

1793 Tax List Barree Twp. Huntingdon Co. (PaGenWeb)
Isiah Cheany 90 acres, 1 horse, 1 cow


James Cheney

1793 warrant 60 acres adjoining Cox and Gilbert Cheney


Richard Cheney

1790 Census Huntingdon Co., Pa.

Richard Chaney 1 m 16 up, 1 f (1790 Pa. census book pg. 125)





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