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Charles Cheney 1673

Cheney has also been spelled: Chain, Chainey, Chania, Chaney, Chany, Cheyney, and China.
It was common for bequests to include wearing apparel.
The first European settlements in Maryland were made in 1634 when English settlers created a permanent colony.

Charles Cheney was born June 6, 1673. He was the son of Richard and Eleanor Cheney. He was born in Anne Arundel, Maryland.

He married Ann Jones. She was Gilbert Pattison's widow.

Ann and Charles' children probably included:
Charles Cheney, Jr. (1703, married Mary Powell),
Mary Ann Cheney Ricketts (1708, married Edward Ricketts),
Margaret Cheney Ricketts (1710, married William Ricketts) and
Greenberry (Greenbury) Cheney (1713, married his cousin, Elizabeth Cheney).

Charles inherited Cheney's Resolution from his father in 1687. Cheney's Resolution was 400 acres originally granted to Richard Cheney on May 29, 1663.

When Ann's father died in 1705, she received one shilling.

Ann died in 1713. After her death, Charles married Agnes Deale. Agnes was born on June 6, 1673 in Anne Arundel County.

Agnes and Charles' children included:

Mordecai Cheney (1715),
Nancy Ann Cheney (1718),
Isiah Cheney (1720, married Sarah),
Shadrick Cheney (1722),
Jason Cheney (about 1725),
Rachel Cheney (1731),
Richard Cheney (1732), and
Elizabeth Cheney (1732).

On November 21, 1738, Charles was granted a warrant for 100 acres, called Cheney's Delight, in Prince George's County on the east side of the Antietam. This land was in an area that became Washington County.

His will was proved on February 14, 1744 in Anne Arundel County. He left his children Charles, Shadrick, Jason, and Mary Ricketts one shilling sterling each.

His son, Greenbury Cheney inherited "all the best suire of wearing apparel."

His children Mordecai, Isaiah, Rachael, and Elizabeth Cheney received

all my part moiety of a tract of land called the north addition lying and being in Anne Arundel Co.; also my part or moiety of a tract of land called Indian Range lying in the county aforesaid.

His wife, Agnes, inherited the a third of of the tract.

The remainder of the estate went to Mordecai, Isaiah, Rachel and Elizabeth Cheney except for his wife's third (her dower).

The four youngest children

shall be at their liberty to chose guardians for themselves to dwell with immediately after my decease, provided they should not be content to dwell with my said wife.

He appointed Agnes the executrix. The witnesses were John Jacobs, John Hopper and Thomas Cheney, Jr.

Shadrick and Greenberry (Greenbury) Cheney served under Captain Moses Chapline sometime between 1754 and 1763, during the French and Indian War in Maryland.

The French and Indian War lasted from 1754 to 1763 and was the North American phase of the Seven Years' War.

Maryland was established with religious freedom for Catholics. The colonial economy was based on tobacco cultivated by Africans who had been enslaved.


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