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Samuel Bachtell 1741

Bachtell is also spelled: Bachtel, Baghtel, Baghtol, Bechold, Bechtel, Bechtle, Bechtolt, Bechtold, Beghtel, Beghtol, Buchtel, Pachtel, and Petell.

Samuel Bachtell was born on June 24, 1741 in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. His parents were Martin and Elizabeth Bachtell.

He married Margaret Coulston. Their children and life together are described in detail in the section on Samuel and Margaret Bachtell.

He he wrote his will on March, 23, 1809.

He was was buried in the Manor Presbyterian Church cemetery in Cochranville, Chester, Pennsylvania.




from Chester County, Pennsylvania Wills

Bechtel, Samuel. Londonderry.
3-23-1809 & 2-14-1814: Apr. 11, 1814.
To wife, who is not named, plantation whereon I now live, in Londonderry, cont. 55 acres, during life; afterward to be sold.
To son Samuel a plantation in Londonderry, cont. 77 acres & allowance, paying $800 to my estate at wife's decease.
Estate to be equally divided among 7 children, David, Rebecca, Elizabeth, Mary, Samuel, Sarah and Hannah.
Executors: Son Samuel Bechtel and son-in-law Henry Reece.

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