An American Family History




Thomas West (1735, Kingwood, Hunterdon, New Jersey)

Mary West (1764, married Absolom Haworth),
Edward West (1766)
Samuel West (1767, married Elizabeth Thompson),
Rachel West (1776, married David Boyles),
Rebecca West
Jerusha West (married Isaac Adams)

Thomas died in January, 1796 Jefferson County, Virginia.


Edward West was born on October 29, 1766 in Virginia.

He married Lydia Stanfield.

Thomas West (1792)

He married Elizabeth Humphreys on December 15, 1793 in Washington County, Tennessee.

Edward and Elizabeth's children included:
Richard Humphreys West (1794, married Jane Robinson),
Samuel Hamilton West (1796),
Edward Humphreys West (1797, married Isabella Rankin),
Humphreys West (1800, married Penelope and Ellender Pugh),
Ann West (1803, married Henderson Conway),
Mark West (1805),
Elizabeth West (1807, married William Looney),
Robert Gentry West, (1809, married Leah Crouch and Mary Anne Ryland), and
Joseph West (1812, married Eliza Robertson).

In 1788 Edward West was in an expedition against the Cherokee under General Joseph Martin.

On October 17, 1794 in Jefferson County, Tennessee, Thomas West sold 450 acres on the South Holston River to Edward West.

On April 3, 1809 in Washington County, Tennessee, Edward West from Grainger County bought 100 acres on the Nolachucky River for $1,200. from George Sherrill. The deed was witnessed by Richard Jones, Ja. McCarrol, and Richard Humphreys.

Edward was listed in the 1809 Grainger County tax list.

Edward West was listed in the 1830 and 1840 census in Washington County, Tennssee.

Edward filed his will in Washington County, Tennessee. He left his estate to his living children: Thomas, Richard, Samuel West and deceased: Edmund Humphreys, Ann Clark, Mark, Elizabeth Looney, Jentsey and Joseph West.

He emancipated several enslaved people.

Now my colored man, Airy, is to get a horse, $50 cash, plow, hoe, straw beds in kitchen, 5 acre entry on the ridge adjoining Joseph West and James Jones.

The executors were Edward West and John Humphreys.

Edward died April 08, 1849 in Washington County, Tennessee.

Edward, Lydia and Elizabeth are buried in Cherokee Cemetery.