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The Waggoner Family


Henry Waggoner was born 1758 in Virginia. His father was Henry Waggoner.

The children of Henry and Sara Waggoner included:
John Waggoner (1782),
Isaac Waggoner (1783),
Henry Waggoner (1785),
Jacob Waggoner (1787),
Elizabeth Waggoner (1789),
Abraham Waggoner (1794),
Jane Waggoner (1795),
Michael Waggoner (1796),
Sarah Waggoner (1798),
Naomi Waggoner (1800),


On November 7, 1791 George [Malone] purchased a tract of land on both sides of Lick Creek in Greene County from George Waggoner beginning on William Wilson's line.... John Carter's line. The witnesses were William Dawson, John King, Isaac Lanehart, and John Richardson.

The Holston River in northeast Tennessee has given its name to Holston Mountain and the Holston Valley.

Michael Waggoner was born about 1762 in Russell County, Virginia. His father was Henry Waggoner.

Salina Waggoner Loudermilk (1788, married Adam Loudermilk),
Jacob Waggoner (1790),
John A. Waggoner (1791),
Susannah Waggoner Milhorn (1798),
George Waggoner (1799, married Anna Greenway, daughter of William G. Greenway),
William Waggoner (1818),
James M, Waggoner (1819),

On September 14, 1795 Michael Wagoner purchased 200 acres south of the Holston River from John Anglin in Sullivan County. Tennessee for 120£. They lived in the Piney Flats area






Washington County Marriages

Waggoner, B J married WHITE, Abner on 05-OCT-1838
Waggoner, Matilda married BROWNING, John W on 16-MAR-1837
Waggoner, Phillip married FOLLON, Catherine on 11-NOV-1790





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