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Cawood Family

  also spelled Caywood, Keewood, Keywood  

Washington Count, Virginia was formed from Fincastle County in 1777. It originally contained Sullivan County, Tennessee.

Early European settlers in the American colonies were mostly farmers and craftsmen. They had to work hard to provide daily neccesities for themselves.

Fincastle County, Virginia was created in 1772 fromĀ Botetourt County and abolished in 1776. It was divided into Montgomery, Washington and Kentucky Counties.

John Cawood was born about 1720. His father was John Cawood.

Children of John and Elizabeth Cawood:
John Cawood (1745)
Charity Cawood,
Ann Cawood (married William Pemberton),
Thomas Cawood,
Mary Cawood Smallwood,
Elizabeth Cawood (married Stephen Majors), and
Rebecca Cawood (married George Smith).

Children of John and Agatha Cawood:
Joshua Brown Cawood (1790, married Eleanor Haynes),
Benjamin Smallwood Cawood, (1791, married Sarah Talbert),
Stephen Berry Cawood (1793, married Rebecca Blevins),
Jeremiah B. Cawood (1795; married Sarah Davis), and
James B. Cawood (1798, married Sarah Acre and Elizabeth).

On October 13, 1745, John bought Nutwell in Charles County, Maryland from his father.

John and Elizabeth sold Nutwell on February 17, 1751 to Humphrey Berry.

In 1754 they were in Frederick County, Virginia with his father and brothers, Stephen and Moses.

In 1755, John and Moses Cawood were on Captain Richard Morgan's muster roll of

The family moved Sullivan County, Tennessee on the northwest side of the Holston River. They were close to the border of Washington County, Virginia and appear in the records there

On May 2, 1775, John bought 840 acres in Fincastle County, Virginia on the Holston River from William and Ann Christian. Fincasle County was divided in 1776.

In 1773 when John Sevier moved to the Holston country he first lived in the Cawood settlement.

John Cawood, Sr., John Cawood, Jr., and Thomas Cawood signed the 1777 petition of Holston men.

In 1779 the Washington County, Virginia Court

ordered that the Clerk give certificate to John Keewood of his acknowledged power of Attorney to his Son John Keewood to transact his Business in Barkley County.

John Cawood signed the 1786 petition

In 1790, John Cawood, Jr. was appointed as an ensign in the Sullivan County Militia.

John Cawood died in Sullivan County, Tennessee in 1803. On August 2, 1803, Agatha Cawood and William Dulaney, acting executors of John Cawood's will, sold an enslaved man to Stephen Majors.

On February 21, 1806, Agatha sold William Blevins her right to the 740 acres she inherited from her husband, John.

On Jan. 22, 1825 Joshua B. Cawood sold his claim to one fifth of 963 acres to John McCarry. Samuel Jones and John W. Blevins were witnesses.

It was common for bequests to include wearing apparel.
The Holston River in northeast Tennessee has given its name to Holston Mountain and the Holston Valley.
Slavery is an immoral system of forced labor where people are treated as property to be bought and sold. It was legal in the American Colonies and the United States until the Civil War.












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