An American Family History

The Mussey Family

  also spelled Muzy, Muzi, Muzzy, Muzzey  

Robert Mussey was born about 1599 in England.

Ellen Mussey (1624)
Joseph Mussey (1628, married Hester Jackman),
Benjamin Mussey (1630, married Alice Dexter)
Mary Mussey (1632, married John Senter)

In 1640, Robert moved to Salisbury.

Robert died in 1642. His will said

I give to ye use of ye poore one ewe goate to be disposed of by the overseers of my will to such as are godly; only the first yeare's use, I appoynt to my brother Dane, the ewe, if she brings kidds, or else longer, and when the goat grows old, I will that one of the kidds be reserved for such a use.