An American Family History

Jonas Preacott's 1691 Garrison in Groton

  During King William's War, the inhabitants of Groton settled in garrisons for protection against the indigenous people.
King William's War (1688–97) was also known as the Second Indian War, Father Baudoin's War, or Castin's War. It was the North American theater of the Nine Years' War.
European and indiginous American fought fierce battles as the Europeans expanded their territory.
Barron, Ellis    
Barron, John    
Cady, Joseph    
Cady, Nicholas    
Church, Cornelius    
Davis, Samuel    
Davis, John    
Fiske, Samuel    
Fiske, James    
Holden, Stephen    
Knap, James    
Lawrence, Jonathan    
Lawrence, Nathaniel    
Lawrence, Peleg    
Perham, John    
Philbrick, Ephraim    
Pierce, Daniel    
Preacott, Jonas lieutenant  
Robin, Robert    
Sawtell, Widow    
Scripture, Samuel    
Whitney, Joshua Jr.,     
Whitney, Joshua    

Groton, Middlesex County, Massachusetts was settled and incorporated in 1655