An American Family History

Early Fairfield County, Ohio


1806 Pleasant Township
Albright, Adam
Armstrong, Thomas
Arnold, Frederick
Bailey, James
Baker, David
Barkhammer, John
Barr, David
Barr, Joseph jr.
Beard, John
Beard, William
Beaver, William
Bell, Isaiah
Berry, Christian
Berry, Jacob
Bibler, Barbary
Bibler, Jacob
Black, John
Black, Luke
Bredenstone, Frederick
Bright, Nimrod
Brown, Ludwick
Brown, William
Buchanan, Andrew
Burton, Jacob
Cagy, Christian
Caldwell, William
Catures, Nicholas
Chaffan, Robert
Clove, Robert
Cofman, Martin
Comer, Samuel
Cornell, Benjamin
Crawford, William
Culp, Henry
Dild, Jacob
Dumna, John
Dumna, Martin
Duncan, James
Durbin, Samuel
Durbin, Thomas
Ernest, George
Erwin, William
Ewing, John
Ewing, Mathew
Farmer, William
Feemen, Benjamin
Feemen, John
Fetters, Conrad
Fetters, Peter
Fink, John
Flake, John
Fox, Jacob
Frazer, Alexander
Gardner, William
Giger, Adam
Giger, David
Giger, Martin
Good, John
Graham, A
Hall, Daniel
Hammell, Samuel
Hammond, Samuel
Hampson, John
Harmon, Frederick
Hendrix, James
Hill, George
Hill, George
Hite, Andrew
Hite, Andrew jr
Hite, Jacob
Hite, John
Hite, John jr
Hoover, Christian
Hopman, Henry
Houser, George jr
Houser, John
Inks, John
Jones, William
Kemerer, Philip
Kortman, Jacob.
Kortman, jr., Jacob
Kratzer, Samuel
Laffady, ____
Laffady, Samuel
Laffady, Thomas
Lamb, George
Lamb, Jacob
Lantz, Martin
Lee, Soloman
Linch, Henry
Lindsey, William
Maclin, Peter
Maclin, Tenalt
Manley, John
Martin, William
Matear, Robert
McCune, Adam
McDaniel, William
McNoughton, John
Miller, Abraham
Miller, Christian
Miller, Jacob
Miller, John
Mills, Samuel
Murphy, Asa
Murphy, Benjamin
Murphy, William
Musselman, Jacob
Myres, Abraham
Neeley, William
Nowlin, Barnaby
Perrin, John
Pew, Jesse
Pope, Abraham
Pope, Frederick
Powel, Aaron
Powel, Moses
Powlis, Jacob
Pullen, Thomas
Quinn, James
Radibaugh, Nicholas
Redman, Martin
Rogers, James
Roof, Peter
Ross, Thomas
Rowley, Jacob
Seigler, John
Sheats, Mathias
Shepler, John
Shisler, John
Siple, Frederick
Smith, Christian
Smith, Daniel
Smith, Jesse
Soliday, Adam
Solter, Christian
Springer, William
Staltzer, Jacob jr
Sterm, Michael
Stevenson, Thomas
Sturgeon, Robert
Teal, Arthur
Teal, Edward
Teal, Edward jr
Teal, Nathaniel
Teal, Samuel
Teal, Walter
Thompson, William
Tool, M.
Torence, Robert
Trimble, John
Trimble, William
Twig, Francis
Ulster, Widow
Wagner, Andrew
Wagner, Benjamin
Walters, Gasper
Walters, Jacob
Warner, Thomas
Watson, Thomas
Weger, John
Wiekle, Jacob
Wiseman, Samuel
York, William

Amanda Township
Allen, Frederick
Allen, Lemuel
Allen, Silas
Allen, Whiting
Barnhart, Jacob
Barr, Andrew
Barr, John
Barr, Samuel
Barr, Thomas
Barr, William
Baurer, Valentine
Beal, James
Booker, James
Brian, John
Brian, Mary
Brian, William
Brothers, Francis
Brown, T.
Brown, William (2)
Burhart, William
Burnap, Abner
Bull, B.
Cain, Daniel
Caton, Benjamin
Childcold, John
Childcold, Mordecai
Clark, Neal
Clayton, John
Cole, Broad
Cole, Dimmitt
Cole, Joshua
Cole, Shadrick
Collins, Timothy
Eagle, Thomas
Eagle, William
Earman, Frederick
Erington, Ebenezer
Frettle, Lewis
Gallagher, Thomas
Gardner, Jacob
Good, Peter
Gossage, John
Hardister, Joseph
Hayes, Mary
Herrod, John
Highlands, Joseph
Hooker, Richard
Howe, David
Howe, James
Hoover, John
Huffer, Isaac
Isles, Isaac
Ignonan, Luke
Jones, Benjamin
Kester, David
Kester, George
Kester, Jacob
Lane, Jesse
Lane, John
Lane, William
Leathers, Frederick
Linebaugh, George
Long, James
Long, William
McLane, Robert
Mackeral, Benjamin
Metcalf, Vachae
Morris, James
Murry, William
Nigh, George
Oram, Thomas
Owens, John
Pavey, Samuel
Pilcher, Frederick
Rica, Abraham
Russel, Thomas
Searles, John
Shelby, George
Shelby, Thomas Jr.
Shadden Jacob
Stevens, William
Swope, David
Torance, John
Whiteman, Christ
Williams, John
Williams, Thomas
Willets, Jesse
Wollet, Phillip

Oct. 13- 27, 1813
Ensign Peter Huber
Corp. Joshua Cole
Sergt. Roberson Fletcher
Corp. John Morehart
Corp. Thomas Durris
Sergt. Reuben Williams
Corp. George Harrison

Abraham, John
Brooks, Joseph
Bush, Martin
Clark, Oratio
Crumley, John
Daubert, John
Death, William
Faulkner, Martin
Godman, William
Greybill, Christopher
Harman, Jacob
Hood, Robert
Long, John
Long, Thomas
McFarland, Walter
Measomore, Henry
Measomore, John
Miller, Daniel
Morehart, Jacob
Sirk, David
Vandamark, Daniel
Wells, Thomas
Whitehous, Jacob
Whitehous, James
Wotring, Abraham

Fairfield County
Abrams, James 225
Allen, Jedediah 222
Allen, Mary 220
Allen, Polly 220
Allen, Whiting 220
Anderson, William 225
Ashbrook, William 227
Baily, William 228
Baker, John 222
Barker, Philip 221
Barnhart, Martin 222
Barnhart, Susan 220
Barr, John 228
Barr, Thomas 225
Beever, Rebecca 229
Beightal, Henry 226
Blue, Michael 227
Bond, Giles 226
Bower, Joseph 225
Bowlin, Charles 227
Bowlin, Thomas 227
Bowman, Benjamin 225
Bowman, Christina 226
Bowman, Peter 222
Bradley, John 226
Branthaver, Adam 226
Bressler, Jacob jr 223
Bressler, Jacob 223
Bridaham, Michael 228
Briner, George jr 228
Briner, George sr 228
Briner, Jacob 227
Bryan, David 227
Burnup, Samuel 222
Burwell, James 227
Busby, John 220
Bushy, William 220
Carlisle, Bazel 221
Carlisle, Benedick 224
Clark, James 220
Clark, Neal 222
Clayton, Benjamin 224
Click, Henry 227
Click, Peter 222
Click, Philip 222
Cole, Aaron 220
Cole, Abraham 220
Cole, Elizabeth 222
Cole, Stephen 222
Cole, Thomas 220
Colier, William 228
Colvin, Luther 222
Corley, John 225
Coulter, James 227
Creaglow, Henry 224
Crist, Andrew 225
Crist, Henry 225
Crites, Samuel 227
Crutcher, Richard 224
Davis, Matthew 226
Day, Ezekiel 225
Deaner, John 224
Deford, Lewis 220
Deniston, John 225
Dillion, William 225
Disinger, George 223
Dosson, Mary 222
Duds, John (Deeds?) 229
Eagleberry, Jacob 226
Earman, Frederick 222
Eaton, Joseph 226
Ellinger, Joseph 225
England, Joseph 225
Fegle, Rudolph 226
Fosnough, David 228
Galaher, John 223
Galaher, Thomas 223
Garret, Jacob 228
Gougr, Robert 224
Green, James 221
Green, Aquilla 224
Greer, William 224
Griffith, Isaac 229
Griffith, James 223
Grover, Solomon 225
Hall, Alban 225
Hamilton, Madison 223
Hane, William 228
Hanaway, John 224
Hanaway, Samuel 223
Hardesty, Mary 224
Harpster, Anthony 222
Harrison, Jacob 221
Hart, Samuel 225
Hart, Thomas 226
Hartle, Jonathan 225
Hatten, Anne 224
Hays, Moses 224
Hays, Peter (Haye?) 221
Hays, Peter 223
Hays, Peter 223
Hedges, John 223
Herrod, Richard 221
Herron, John 223
Herron, Philip 223
Hiland, Edward 228
Hiland, William 226
Hilands, Margaret 227
Hillary, John 221
Hinto, John 224
Hitchcock, Loyd 223
Holbert, Ephriam 226
Holbert, Oliver 226
Hooker, Richard 227
Hoover, Henry 221
Hoover, John 221
Hoover, John 221
Hoover, Philip 220
Hoover, Rudolph 221
Howard, Joseph 229
Huffman, Joseph 223
Huffman, Joseph 225
Huffman, Valentine 223
Hufford, Henry 228
Hufford, Isaac 228
Hufford, Isaac 226
Hufford, John 229
Hufford, Joseph 228
Hughley, Isaac 228
Hunter, Lydia 228
Hunter, Thomas 228
Hunter, William 228
Hutchins, Jesse 224
Jones, Henry 220
Kelsey, Elizabeth 224
Kester, George 221
Kesler, Peter 225
Keslery, Polly 229
Kiger, Adam 222
Kiger, Henry 221
Kiger,, William 221
Kitsmiller, Daniel 220
Koontz, John 220
Koontz, Philip 221
Kraus, Samuel 225
Krider, M. Z. 220
Lamott, Nancy 223
Lane, Rachael 221
Lape, Nicholas 228
Lathan, Rowsee 220
Leach, John 221
Leathers, David 225
Leathers, Frederick 229
Leathers, Magdalena 225
LeFevre, Jacob 222
Linaweaver, Casper 220
Long, William 222
Long, William Sr 222
Lowry, James 226
Lynch, Levi 225
Mace, Thomas 229
McCoy, John 220
McCrea, William 220
McKinley, William 227
McMillen, Samuel 227
Middlesworth, Abraham 228
Middlesworth, William 224
Monser, Jacob 229
Monser, James 229
Morris, James 223
Murray, Eli 221
Myers, Daniel 226
Myers, Henry 224
Myers, John 220
Myres, Samuel 223
Nigh, Frisby 226
Nigh, George 228
Nigh, Henry 228
Nigh, John 226
Norris, Isaac 221
Norris, John 221
North, Isaac 225
Osborn, Mary 221
Paden, Thomas 224
Peters, Mary 223
Peters, Robinson 224
Peters, Samuel 227
Peters, Tunnis A. 227
Peters, Wesley 227
Pool, John 225
Potts, David sr 229
Potts, David jr 229
Povenmier, George 226
Propeck, Rebecca 224
Propeck, Thomas 224
Pugh, Thomas 223
Ramby, Samuel 228
Ray, Sarah 222
Reber, Magdalena 223
Reed, George 229
Reed, Joseph 229
Ridenour, Henry 226
Ridenour, Michael 226
Roads, Daniel 226
Rose, Henry 227
Rowdown, Samuel 229
Runnels, Barton 227
Rush, Rachel 220
Rush, Samuel 222
Shafer, Frederick 223
Shawan, Thomas 221
Shawshawn, David 221
Shoop, Jacob J. 225
Shull, Solomon 220
Sims, Samuel 228
Sixly, John 220
Skinner, Abel E. 222
Skinner, Ezekiel 226
Skinner, Keziah 227
Sleigh, Hannah 224
Ssmith, John 226
Smurr, John 224
Sockrider, Henry 228
Spittler, Warner 229
Stall, Abraham 226
Starlings, James 220
Stephens, John 222
Stetson, M. E 220
Stigall, John 223
Straw, Daniel 227
Swope, Thomas 227
Swope, Mary Cole 222
Sytle, Archibald 229
Waddle, Samuel 229
Walter, George 221
Walters, George 222
Ward, George 224
Ward, William 223
Webb, Hancock 222
Webb, William 222
Welsh, Amos 221
Welsh, Charles 227
Welsh, Jacob 221
Wesheimer,, John 229
Whitehouse Elizabeth 224
Whiteman, Christian 226
Whiteman, Hannah 227
Whitset, Anthony 228
Williams, J. A. 227
Williams, John 227
Wollet, Philip 223
Work, Joseph 224
Young, David 228





from the "Contribution of Thomas Cole of Amanda Township" from a Complete History of Fairfield County, Ohio by Hervey Scott, Royalton, March 13th, 1877.

...Tradition says nothing of the origin of the village [Toby Town], but in about 1806, or 1807, the Indians left it...shortly after they left, William Clark built, on the old village site...the Clark family, who settled within thirty rods of them in 1799, were never seriously molested by the red-skins...

In the spring of 1800, three men, names not remembered, came from near Chillicothe and broke ground on the prairie in section number 4, planted corn, and then returned home. They came back in due time and tended their corn twice.

The next fall one of these men sold his share to Horatio Clark, receiving a horse in payment. The other two likewise disposed of their shares to parties not now remembered. In November of the same year, Wilkinson Lane, of Huntingdon County, Tennessee [sic should be Pennsylvania], settled on section 8, and was succeeded in the month of June following by Thomas Cole, my grandfather, who had entered the section. His grandchildren still own one half of the section. The family were never troubled by the Indians.

In a few years my grandfather built a school-house on his land, hired a teacher, Abraham Cole, for eight dollars a month, and then invited all who wished to send their children and pay a pro rata share, or not, as they could or would. In those days school hours were from "sun to sun," or as soon as scholars arrived...That house was built on the north part of section 18.

David Swope [married Mary Cole] and William Long were settlers on section 8, in June, 1807.



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