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Early Fairfield County, Ohio




from the "Contribution of Thomas Cole of Amanda Township" from a Complete History of Fairfield County, Ohio by Hervey Scott, Royalton, March 13th, 1877.

...Tradition says nothing of the origin of the village [Toby Town], but in about 1806, or 1807, the Indians left it...shortly after they left, William Clark built, on the old village site...the Clark family, who settled within thirty rods of them in 1799, were never seriously molested by the red-skins...

In the spring of 1800, three men, names not remembered, came from near Chillicothe and broke ground on the prairie in section number 4, planted corn, and then returned home. They came back in due time and tended their corn twice.

The next fall one of these men sold his share to Horatio Clark, receiving a horse in payment. The other two likewise disposed of their shares to parties not now remembered. In November of the same year, Wilkinson Lane, of Huntingdon County, Tennessee [sic should be Pennsylvania], settled on section 8, and was succeeded in the month of June following by Thomas Cole, my grandfather, who had entered the section. His grandchildren still own one half of the section. The family were never troubled by the Indians.

In a few years my grandfather built a school-house on his land, hired a teacher, Abraham Cole, for eight dollars a month, and then invited all who wished to send their children and pay a pro rata share, or not, as they could or would. In those days school hours were from "sun to sun," or as soon as scholars arrived...That house was built on the north part of section 18.

David Swope [married Mary Cole] and William Long were settlers on section 8, in June, 1807.



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